How to play on American servers from EU

Hello, I have my historical WoW account and I would like to start playing with my friend in US. I was reading how to do it and basically do I have to make another account for that? Seriously? What is this awful system?

Now questions are, would I need to pay for another subscription in case? What does losing all progress mean? That I start from zero? Please explanations. Thanks

Account? No. But you will need to buy a North American Licence, and gametime to play on the NA servers.

You will also start from zero. No data will be imported from the EU regions.

so yeah another wow account basically within my battlenet account… like how bad is this idea? for no reason im gonna make another one. I dont mind starting from level zero, problem is all the things i unlocked with my account and paying two wow subscriptions? what is wrong with them

You pay for US accounts with US currency. I guess it also has something to do with tax regulations about companies.
When you start playing with your US friend, you can stop paying for your European account.
If you don’t want to loose progress, don’t switch accounts.
Maybe your friend can join you on European account if they don’t have much progress.

About this part, for every additional license you want to have active whether this be NA or just EU you would have to pay gametime and their seperate expansions as well regardless.

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