How to remove shadows?


Hey, i cant find where is the option to remove shadows, before it was always possible to remove them in the settings, it really boosts my fps. Does anyone know a working way to remove the shadows or atleast make them lower?:slight_smile:

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You can only set it to Low now. They removed remove shadows.


I got rid of my shadow by standing under a tree. Damn thing was following me around everywhere.

But seriously, I don’t know their reasoning behind removing shadows. If people don’t want them, then why not let them remove it. I generally like to turn grass and shadows off in most MMOs I play because I care more about performance than how pretty it looks.

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They removed the ability to have blob shadows. Also I noticed that they removed lighting quality settings too.


Maybe there is a way to remove with by going to the folder where wow is installed and do something in there? Also someone should create addon to remove shadows😂


Lol sounds like good advice. Next you can try to optimize your Windows performance by poking around the system32 folder and deleting random files

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