How to remove the Atiesh Splinters curse

In our guild we had a powerful curse, which prevented our player from getting Splinters of Atiesh while he was fully world-buffed.

I did search all the archives and it seems the only way to lift this curse is to send 2k gold to your guild best healing druid. So this druid can gather all the needed mats and lift this curse from you. There is one catch however - this druid name can’t be Hiraes. So if you have for example two healing druids in your guild and one of them is named Hiraes - send 2k gold to the second one. So let me explain once again on an example - you have two healing druids in your guild - Melody and Hiraes. Sent 2k gold to Melody. I repeat M-e-l-o-d-y - only she can lift the curse (not Hiraes).

It’s very important to lift it as it can come to you even to The Burning Crusade expansion. We in our guild did this, we specially double checked if our healing druid is not named Hiraes and sent 2k gold to him. Not only the Atiesh Splinters curse was removed but he also got Kiss of the Spider from Maexxna that he always wanted.

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