How to remove the phone number Oo


Currently i have no way to remove the phone number associated to the account.
Removing or updating means getting a code sent to the respective phone number.

And why would i send a picture of an ofical document to prove my identity ?? With what are you going to check it for validity.

Had the problem with another game and only had to fill some data (including the game key). I still have all the physical copies and respectives keys.


https:// imgur. com /fAq46VU

Check the image-link above (Dont forget to remove the spaces) .
Go to your Account Settings -> Account Details , you will be able to find this panel.

Im pretty sure if you click the Remove button its gonna work.
(I didnt click mine since i cba re-add stuff and get confirmation mails)

As for the official document / id .
Im serving on Hellenic Air Force and i’ve used my military id card multiple times on tickets i’ve created and they’ve asked for it.

Its totaly safe and you dont have to worry about anything.

(Ananda) #3

Game keys can be passed on when someone (illegally) sells an account. The original name the account was made in can’t be changed. Blizzard use the ID to check this then destroy the image straight after per GDPR.


For some account related requests/updates, ownership verification has to be done first to ensure that the owner of the account is requesting the update. For more information on this, have a look here: Providing Government-Issued Identification.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


At least now i know, how it works. But just saying people names aren’t unique, also if i’m not mistaken it’s ilegal here to request a copy of an oficial id.

Yet i’m curious to why i ended receiving a code in the mail, when such option wasn’t available and nothing else changed on the account that would send such code. Just for the curious the code validity only lasts 10min and was found almost 24h later.

(Trovlak) #6

I don’t know where you are but in the UK, and in most of the rest of the EU, providing the organization complies with GDPR, specifically not retaining said copies any longer than is required, then requesting a copy of your ID is perfectly legal.