How to start Balance of Power questline Help

Hello everyone can someone tell how to start Balance of Power Questline i’ve done my Class Hall Campaign did the quests in Azsuna but i cant see Arcmage Kalec in my class hall or in Azsuna,

You start the balance of power questline in Suramar i’m pretty sure.

Yeah i sure have no idea what i was talking about sorry :smile:

Suramar? o.O

It starts with power within quest and a few people in the comments say it appears the day after completing the order hall campaign

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It is the exact oppossite of what you said. You don’t start it in Suramar, you end it there. You start in your order hall. Day after you finish class campaign walk around your order hall, Kalec should appear near your artifact forge.

Have you recruited all the followers after completing the Class Hall Campaign?

yeah i got them all.

When did you complete the final part of the campaign? Was it today or yesterday? If it was today then he should appear tomorrow, if it was yesterday then you may need to raise a bug report if he’s not spawning.

He can take a day or two to spawn as others have mentioned. He doesn’t spawn instantly in your order hall after completing the previous steps required.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

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