How to start the War Campaign?

I am completely overwhelmed by Boralus

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If in doubt somewhere on or near the boat is usually your best bet. However thought either of these might be of use.

The comments section on this achievement is quite detailed.

This is WoWhead’s guide to the campaign.

I dont have that quest on my marker though, I have 100 war rescources

Is it possible you did any of the steps while levelling. That is one of the first things you get when you arrive in Boralus.

If you open your map tab, on the right side there should be a “War Campaign” tab, is there something written here that could help you ?

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It says to get friendly with the proudmoors, should i do that?

Here’s what you should do yes :slight_smile:

The war campaign is gated between reputation you’ll progressively unlock more of it the further you grow it.


Open the Quest Log, on the top there should be a section called War Campaign. If you don’t have any quests in there it should tell you what you need to do to get the quest.

Also I checked your achievements and it seems you’ve done first 3 chapters that involved establishing footholds in Zandalar.

Now you need to unlock World Quests, so you are on the right track. It’s the quest called Uniting Kul Tiras, you need to get Friendly with one faction from each Kul Tiras zone. After that you can continue the war campaign.

Iirc this is the first step to get the mission table & the followers. You can get the ressources from chests in kul’tiras or Zandalar and from World quests.

I don’t remember if it is requiered for the other war campaign questlines though

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