How to unlock the Dragonflight epic-edition unlock when purchasing physical epic-edition?

Dear reader,

I’ve preordered and paid for the physical Dragonflight epic-edition collector’s set via the Blizzard store. I would assume this makes me eligible for the pre-purchase unlock just as it would for digitally purchased epic-editions. Yet I cannot see how I can to do this. Anyone knows how to unlock it?


Thank you for the link Dottie, much appreciated! This post is not a direct reply to you but to any Blizzard representative that hopefully reads this. Honestly, these options sounds a bit weird to me…

So you buy the most expensive physical edition of the game via the Blizzard-Activision owned and controlled store. You use your account to buy it. I.e. all information that is required to gracefully handle this “scenario” is in the hands of (1st party), or responsibility of (2nd party), Blizzard without any third-party uncontrollable intermediates. The problem presented in that blue post is that a digital code cannot be send by Blizzard. Yet, confusingly, Blizzard does have all information to securely and gracefully do this.

Then two solutions are presented. The first scenario is just to wait for the arrival of the physical copy. This does not seem like a solution to me. What does that mean for the Drakks pet that is used as an incentive to pre-purchase dragonflight? Will the physical copy arrive well ahead of launch and be eligible to unlock this pet? What if the physical copy arrives after the shadowlands release, will the physical copy still be eligible for that pet? Will any other features be open for digitally pre-purchased individuals that will not be open for physical pre-purchased individuals (e.g. earlier access to the dractyr evoker)? Can someone please clarify this?

The second solution is to ADDITIONALLY buy the digital Epic-edition and then you get the balance deposited back on your account. So not as actual money, but money locked into the Blizzard-ecosystem. Maybe it’s me, but this does not sound like proper customer support at all? This is basically penalizing your highest paying customers.

Could the scenario of sending a digital code to people who ordered the physical copy not be investigated further? I cannot see why this would be impossible since everything in this supply-chain is owned and controlled by Blizzard. I would generally expect this level of customer service from a premium product.

Hopefully a Blizzard representative can shed some light on this issue and the questions contained herein. Hopefully I am just misunderstanding certain aspects :slight_smile: