How to unlock VULPERA

I’m just starting to play WoW retail a week ago. I bought WoW The War Within expansion, leveled up my character to 70, and finished the quest in Orgrimmar for allied races.

And I still can’t create new furry character, because Vulpera race is not available for me.
Is it a bug? Or maybe I forget to do something.

P.S.: sorry for bad English.

You need to complete the quest line in Voldun Secrets in the Sands

Here’s all about making a Vulpera:

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I will try! Thanks

The requirements were changed at some point and Secrets in the Sands is no longer required. You now only need a level 40 Horde character and complete the Vulpera allied race quest line (starts in the Ogrimmar Embassy).

The guides for this on both Wowhead and Icy Veins are outdated. This one is current: (I unlocked Vulpera just about three weeks ago, and I didn’t quest in Vol’dun at all. It’s much more trivial than it used to be.)


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