How viable is warlock in 2v2?


Just asking for a friend

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It’s annoying but it’s viable. Destro + hpriest is free 2,4k.


Also viable for casual gamer?
And sure hpriest not disc?

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People play with holy so you can just stand in the open and spam holy Ward and greater heal with adaption and never die.


Play Demo and own people with a hpal

(Cutîepie) #6

MW/Destro is big viable played against it at around 3k mmr. Before MW nerfs though.

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I have uploaded a video for a mate regarding hpriest destro play. I can link it if you like.


Of cause link it mate ^^
I’m not sure if I want to play a lock or a hunter, at this point in time I’m more into hunter but I feel like the esthetics of warlock would fit me more, all the green frie and explosion thing looks kinda great. But I don’t want to be the third wheel in a 2v2 arena game

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It’s kinda boring tho but as i said, it was for a mate. ^^


It’s very beatable, GHeal is all a Hpriest has, just make sure you stop it, which really isn’t that hard. If you are low on small cc’s, kicks or purges, then yeah you’re screwed

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I know this. Why are you telling this to ne?


what addons are you using?

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Gladius, GladiusEx, Gladiatorlossa, LoseControl, OmniBar and CCTracker.


nothing i love more than to see assa disc get beat



Have never seen anything so retarded in all my life. Your looking at 10minute+ games every game however.

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It’s satisfying indeed. But even more to beat feral/hpala.


I imagine lock/healer is as boring as mage/healer but as a rogue they are both frustrating and a little difficult if theyre good. Restealthing constantly is…ergh.

(Mystisk) #18

play rdruid/destro
just make sure the druid restealths as much as possible for rake stuns

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Why do u even play 2v2 :rofl::crazy_face:

People really still play that autistic bracket running around a pillar for 20 min waiting for 80% dampening and feeling like a +GOD+ cos u kill some1 in 1 stun :joy::rofl::joy_cat::poop:


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It’s practice.