How warrior brings nothing to the table at m+

Its a real pain to play classes like warrior in current and pretty much every meta, every group is looking for DH and aug and even if you count the meta specs out then you need to bring CR and lust and even with the more recent affix additions with afflicted and the other one, warrior cant do anything to them, its like they are chugging us further down the toilet with the utility we bring, if we could get lust(shout) or something even that would help some, or ability to deal with affixes somehow. I dont understand why blizz cant just make lust and cr all around for m+ content as they are pretty much mandatory and just created unnecessary barriers between classes, some classes/utilities you ALWAYS have to bring (mainly cr) and once you fill out those spots there are not many left for classes who bring nothing to the table, give us some love please and im sure warriors are not the only class to struggle with this.


It’s definetly intended by blizzard for it to be like this. Engineering CR in shadowlands was great, and drums have also been nerfed.

Warrior should’ve gotten a bloodlust instead of Evoker. Even the names fit warrior more than them, Bloodlust / Heroism how is that not a warrior ability? Wouldn’t even need to rename it to whatever the Evoker one is called :joy:

Evoker should’ve gotten a battle ress or something.

Sure it wouldn’t fix much but its a start to giving warrior more utility.

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You are beating dead corpse of Garosh at this point,

clearly, devs think this is how warriors should be, and no amount of feedback will change that I am afraid, situation with M+ utility is more or less constant problem since Legion.

What I suggest you do is simply play other classes see what you like and consider main change for next season or expansion. Once you start playing other classes like shaman or rogue you will see how laughably bad Warrior utility is compared to what is considered standard.

With number of warriors sharply dropping they may actually look at what is going on, up to that point nothing will change, get used to seeing nothing after warlocks in patch notes and dont expect anything.


This is the way.

as warrior mains say a lot, warrior has no dev it is just group project of other class devs. they just throw something into pot and stir it up untill something goey shows up

Some love would be very much appreciated. QoL and some power improvements to our niche utility. This in a 5 man context, or M+.

If we could see Menace buffed, to remove enrage, that would be a nice way to grant us some utility and make the point investment more palatable.
If improved Berserking could give a bonus, like 10% DR, during the duration it would not be a completely dead talent, other when hitting its niche perfectly.
Rally Cry in 5 man content, probably should get a choice node, to turn it from a raidwide buff to a party buff. Then Improve that partybuff to be more impactful for the content. Make rally a 10% max HP increase, with a 30% max HP shield would be huge in making this ability feel impactful and most of all - fun.

These are the type of changes I would like to see, to improve upon our talents and choices, till it becomes all good and interesting choices to make.

That is the spirit of the way I want to see Talents go.

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We also need some love at talent Three

  • Shockwave is in a very bad position for Arms.
  • i think a new utility like mass spell reflect or a banner with ~20%dmg reduction for 10sec would be nice in m+, for all warrior specs
  • you have to mutch talents to spend on execute talents, i missing cleave, would be nice blizz can cleave back to arms.
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