How well will this laptop run wow?

I only ever play WoW on Laptop/PC and I want to make sure this laptop would run wow decently. I’m not knowledgable about PC/laptop at all so need some advice. I don’t need to run wow at max but a decent level would be okay.

TUF Gaming F15 Laptop - 15.6in FHD 144Hz, GeForce RTX 2050, Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

The mobile RTX 2050 seems to be around the performance level of a GTX 1650, so it will run ok in FHD.
For modern AAA games i would not recommend it though.

Also what’s the exact CPU model? I5 doesn’t mean anything :smiley:
WoW is very CPU dependant with many players on screen.

How much is that Laptop? Is it used? The GPU is over 2 years old now.

What is your budget?

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Hi, thanks! It’s intel i5 11400H.

It’s around £650 brand new. I wouldn’t want to part with anything over 1000 as I’m literally only going to be using the laptop for one thing. :grinning:

If you’re only using it for WoW it will do fine with some settings optimized.

But if you feel that urge to play a recent title you might want to go for a RTX 4060 GPU since you can’t upgrade a notebook :slight_smile:

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Awesome thank you for answering I’m not very technically inclined^^

If you would answer one more thing, would it be worth spending £100 more for a RXT 3050 and an intel i5 12500H? In terms of running WoW and for future expansions etc.

The CPU is about 15% faster in WoW when looking at singlethreading performance (it’s alot faster in games modern engines though).
The 3050 is almost the same as the 2050, so not really worth it.

I assume the rest of the components is the same? Like 16GB RAM?
Where are you looking for deals? I’m not familiar with UK shops :smiley:

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