How would an unholy death knight fight

Hello everyone.
I RP as an unholy dk but I always have difficulties trying to imagine how an unholy dk might battle.
While frost might use ice spikes and freeze his enemies to death and do other cool frost abilities that frankly I find it quite easy to imagine, I can’t for the love of everything that is unholy imagine how an unholy dk might fight.

Can anyone help me out with this?

As a Unholy, you weaponize disease and rot. Acceleration of decay to make a fresh wound fester while your trusty ghoul manservant rip at their guts. I find the hard part is emoting in ways that don’t sicken those around you.


I would shelve the idea that your character is an “unholy death knight”. Instead, I’d more look for a specific, roleplay-archetype of scourge/death knights.

One idea is to go with the “actual” unholy DK aesthetics, hurling bolts of shadow and basically acting all like a paladin - just shadowy, deathy.

Another option is to go with the “necromancer” archetype. Raise the dead, hurl shadows, bone shield, so on.

Then there’s the “Blightbinger” archetype. Where you ooze acid from your wounds, belch bile on your enemies and infect their wounds with festering rot.

Once you got it figure out you could try brainstorming some emotes and mark them for later use. Can post them here, even, and ask for critique!

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I think the previous replies describe it pretty well. No matter which spec your DK is, your strength is inhuman, so your runed weapon will wreak havoc upon your foes. The Frost, Blood, or Unholy magic - as I see it - only augments your deadliness. The latter would, I imagine, weaken your enemies with various crippling and potentially deadly diseases.

Unlike some players who like to make up their own stuff, I personally prefer to RP my characters abilities based on their actual in-game abilities.

When I RP alongside allies, that means I have to choose my attacks wisely:

Not ( :arrow_left: inserted post-postly)

Infecting an adversary with a contagious disease, or casting Death and Decay where a comrade of mine is in close combat with my quarry.

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