How would you earn conquest on your alts?


I’m trying to learn few specs and I find it problematic to earn conquest at this point. Pretty much my alt is fully honor geared, but doesn’t find many matches on the LFG. I hit up solo shuffle and when I inspect my teammates most of them are 2-set equipped, 2 embellishe’d conquest geared people around 1600-ish at the moment. I’m also fishing for epic bg 250conquest quests currently.

L2P issue or is there a smart and efficient way of cappin’ conquest without hundreds of solo shuffle matches?

its a struggle if u dont have friends with alts to cap with its either make ur own group in LFG making it clear is that the sole purpose is conq cap and do daily rbg wins epic wins and thats basically it

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Yeah, my friends don’t do alts at the moment so I would just ruin their rating. Kinda wacky situation. Thanks for the input though, appreciated.

War Mode chest drop + Assassin bounty is also good source of conquest.

Weekly brawl quest.

2x valdrakken quests (currently epic bg + RBG)

Daily win in BG, Epic BG, brawl and skirmish.

Daily win in Shuffle.


Its the same challenge every expansion. The min-max community of WoW means that if you dont follow the train from day one, then you are behind, and it sucks.

Great that they are doing so much work in Dragonflight to try and circumvent it.

Its the main reason why solo shuffle is awesome, because 2v2 and 3v3 becomes full FOTM meta compositions only, just 2 hours after new patch. Took less than 2 hours for 80% of my 2v2 fights to have disc priests in it. And I am starting to see more dwarves now that assa rogue and feral druid are dominating.

This min-maxing of everything means that alts are inherently a problem. Less so this expansion, but its kind of wacky that your main that did everything from day one becomes the average.

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Yeah, I decided to try out classes I have never played as. One of them is a shadow priest, which I leveled to max few days ago. I think it’s because the support solo shuffle has there isn’t many LFGs going on with fresh alts. Then the efficient way of gearing is to que solo shuffle as well, but I’ve encountered so many fully geared peeps there it feels bit rough. Not sure, but feels slower than in WoD for example.

I mean, if they just split the brackets into those with ilvl below 420 and those at exactly or higher than 420, you would already make a solid distribution. I have advocated a gear split for long, but a lot seems to be against it. I especially think it is important these days when 95% of the pvp community seems to always be at 90%+ BiS gear.

I dont play my alts that are behind anymore. Most of them are at full honor. I cant tell if I need gear or just cant play the class very well, but the throughput is not enough to compete with BiS geared people.

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I just got my daily bg wins + war supply drops + weekly pvp quests and now I don’t play my warlock for 2 weeks because I’m conquest capped :person_shrugging:

Was pretty easy and never had to set foot in arena.

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BG daily wins, BG one time quests like wintergrasp that gives you 250, weelky pvp quests and the alliance weekly 25 kill quest and you get a very large amount of conquest, then you can spam a bit of solo shuffle and get conquest capped within a day. War chests also drop some conquest too, and if you kill or just loot the killed assassin you get some too.
Conquest cap is a non-issue.

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Eh, well it is and isn’t. Firing up a healer might be faster, but as a dps capping via solo shuffle is rather tedious due to the queue times. This isn’t a big issue that I’m crying about rather tedious process that makes me think why it is there. Will take current system any day over the shadowlands honor farm though.

It’s a nice idea, but would break queue times I reckon. I’d still rather have the current iteration even though I find farming conquest a bit old. I’d wanna focus on, as you said as well, learning the new class. To be honest, I’d like for everyone just amp up at the conquest ilvls in PvP situations, but I don’t think thats popular opinion either. I can endure this for few alts.

For everyone: Thanks for the suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face: I learnt about some new stuff because of you! :smiley: War chests are yummy.

this works if you play from day one and every day.

7x 70 conquest
7x 110 conquest
for bg wins are enough to cap weekly

if you miss your vault (alts that are not played from week 1 either) you are behind until conquest cap is gone

so no you will not catch up without arena/rbg any time soon on alts

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This is pretty much the way to do it, but it’ll take you about a week.

Some people do LFG specifically for earning conquest, also even though it’s probably against terms of service, people dump MMR in 3’s, by queuing, getting in combat and leaving and then win 10 games straight and rinse and repeat.

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Just keep queuing solo shuffle imho. You’ll be behind on gear but you’ll learn A LOT about your newfound spec! and you’ll cap your vault in the mean time. Solo shuffle is a life savior for those of us who can’t play every week/decide to pick up a new class. Just hit the queue button and see where it leads =)

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