Howdy y'all

Felt like trying to make a new experience of playing wow after having played this game for so, so many years in the same way.

A new class which I’ve never played, a brand new realm as-well-as “status” (‘low’ as opposed to ‘full’), and ‘brand new’ faction (haven’t played Horde since ~Cataclysm)

So, are there any fun guilds to join here? :blush: Or is it completely dead now?
(I realise it’s a low pop realm, and that it’s probably deader than usual now considering it’s the end of an expansion, but as I said, felt like trying something new

Not sure this will even get a response or a view, but eh :clown_face:

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Well, if they ever make Alliance able to join Horde guilds, you’re welcomed to hang out in the Brotherhood.

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