Hpal are just underperforming

Hpals need a rework… Hpals are too squishy and mana hungry.

Every healing spec in the game is better than hpal at the moment. It should not be possible that hpal cannot out heal dmg when they have wings up. Without wings they might as well sit afk til wings proc…

someone at blizz needs to look at hpal more intensively


They nerfed Hpal to the ground meanwhile mw monk is doing the job way better without spending mana and having melee wings 24/7.

Idk who is in charge to balance but that’s pretty funny to see spec with same gameplay with 1 being ruined and 1 being omega broken.

Same when they nerfed sp ‘’ sp has to cast ‘’ meanwhile affliction/ele don’t need to and does 2-3x more dmg. Logic


what do u mean affliction dont need to cast have u ever played one lmao
affliction has only 1 school unlike sp having 3 and to have at least semiwhat solid dps have to spam raptures on 3-5 dots which all consume a global plus two of them are castable and are quick to expire meanwhile sp presses VT and SW:P is applied on the way
also SP has 2 ways of instantly putting dots on the enemies(one is aoe), affli has none now

Sp isn’t as easy as you think it is, also people dispell it on cd so you cast VT almost all the time.

You got only 1 school(useful) , holy is use able when kicked on shadow but can’t do anything useful.

Hardcast mind spike when kicked on shadow is useless anyway.

Affli isn’t easier but from what I’ve seen you got damnation like spell also and can dot the entire map easily (only have to cast ua which isn’t that harder than sp casting VT and don’t have to deal with people dispelling it on cd).

Anyway the topic is about Hpal.

ure delusional af
literally everything u said here is wrong
“damnation like” spell is gone - u have to apply dots first and u can COPY them preserving their duration => u have to reapply them all over again because they will fall off soon

aff dont have to deal with people dispelling their dots all the time? lmao find me a single rshaman/rdruid who doesnt spam dispel UAs like crazy because they have hots healing them back to full instantly

how is UA casting easier than VT casting? u dont even have to fake VT because u can spike/dispel right after getting kicked meanwhile affli have to fake a lot because thats the only available school

Spike does nothing beside the proc completely pointless and if you get kicked on it you can’t use anything.
Dispel is usable sure but you overestimate it.

Beside ua all your dot are instant, Idk where is the difficulty you are speaking about also you do 50k dps overall doesn’t as bad as you try to make it look like meanwhile sp do barely 25k triple dotting and free cast.

Also never seen people dispelling ua on cd, legit never even on pikaboo stream when he played it few days ago nobody do that except if they play a comp that allows them to cover the dispel.

Like I said it’s not the point of the thread anyway.

Healing isnt rly the biggest issue for hpala, the biggest issue is that they have no toolkit, it’s kinda like ret before the rework, it has very mediocre damage, no purge, cooldowns that get dispelled/purged in 0.5 sec, vulnerable to cc, incredibly squishy, it just brings nothing to the team, and then they decided to give ret 2 walls, and Divine Protection on 30% damage reduction AND spell warden on top yet the holy divine protection is 20% AND it’s their only cooldown? They didnt give holy spellwarding either and arguably that spell should belong to Hpala and not a ret imo.


i fully agree with spellwarding. In addition, how our biggest defensive toolkit such as bubble and bop can be removed within 1 global and being a 5 min cd is just absurd.

And yes…way too squishy! In a rpg way, it should not be possible that a clothy disc priest is more resilient than a plated armored paladin…

Im kinda on the line that they forgot about hpala when they were busy reworking ret. I wouldnt say that spellwarding doesnt belong to ret since it still shares a CD with protection, but theres rly no reason why holy didnt get it aswell (together with ret and prot they share the same line of work as in paladin. Kinda why im more on the line that spellwarding does fit to be used by all 3 specs). Same with 30% DP if its supposed to be 30%.

but I am wondering, what 2 walls are you talking about when you say DP aswell? Shield of Vengeance and?

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Ret currently has Divine Protection AND Shield of Vengeance, on top of Divine Protection being 30% damage reduction while it’s only 20% damage reduction for Holy

I guess that were more ment to be that they put a 30% DP compared to 20%. I read it as you said that they gave additional CD over the 2 walls. My bad if so.

Is it? Even with full haste gear by the time you cast a Holy Light (IF you can cast it without being interrupted) your target is already dead. Holy Shock heals for next to 0 when compared to other classes’ instant heals, Flash of Light without procs costs a crapton of mana and the class is already mana starved by default.

Well yeah its one of the issues but what I mean is you can buff the healing by 50% that alone is not gonna fix it, the toolkit is just so outdated and not up to modern wow standards, look at resto shaman for example, an interrupt, purge, 2 knocks, hex, multiple cooldowns, thats kinda the issue with hpala cus you press bop or freedom and it’s gone before you can blink, you press bubble it’s md’d in 0.5 sec, lay on hands is affected by damp, the damage is bad and way worse than MW with a similar playstyle, it just overs absolutely NOTHING over other healers

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nvm after mentioning pikaboo stream i can safely quit the conversation lol

thats the funniest part of their design
they nerf hpala’s mana regen into oblivion yet they removed the ability to quickly cast a holy light
so they want paladins to heals with flashes meanwhile they cost a crap ton of mana and therefore oom in 1m

After playing resto shaman and now switching to my holy pala these are my thoughts (RSS):

  • we dont heal s***
  • we oom way to fast
  • why the f*** can everyone and their mother just dispell our cooldowns in < 1 sec.
  • we are squishy to point were i really wonder why im not always the focus target
  • does blizzard even know we exist? i feel like playing my classic pala, he might be stronger though

edit: totally forgot about forbearance… that outdated mechanic is just dumb


At this point it might be worth to mention that sometimes Soul Swap (Crtl+C, Crtl+V dots) can randomly bug out midgame and give you a 3 day cd, making it effectively unusuable for an entire round.

and also it can transfer only 1 out of 5 dots which is usually corruption XD
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Try resto druid after patch, unplayable suffered terible nerf without even explanation… Wa are all p00ps before god tiered disc priest, and have happy time losing games vs. guys worst than you just because they play overbuffed class.


I really hope blizz takes a look at this thread and realize what needs to be done.

What Yojeong and Shigunz points out are valid points :confused: