Hpal buffs 27th december

15% to all healing.

40% glimmer buff.

20% to consecration.

outside of cds u cant heal anything and even with cds u dont scale as much as the other classes.
so buff this stuff

gl hf

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Once again, Hpally’s are being retired because Blizzard broke them, again, and again and again.


After 2 weeks have passed the suggested buffs could even be stronger.

Like add extra Holy Shock 20%

And improve consecration healing with golden path.

For reference,
One PW Radiance heals people full and has 2 charges and low casttime.
Sheiluns Gift has low cd of around 30 seconds ± 5 seconds for 10 mists which is always healing all full even with 900k hp. Spotheal with enveloping mist and spontaneous vivifys(!) on top! Mass dispell and heal with big cd.

12% Devotion Aura sucks in comparison. Having nothing outside of daybreak , which got nerfed to 200% and divine toll, which doesnt really heal much due to holy shock not doing much (should do 100% more in 5 man groups), is a joke.

It is really hard also to not heal with dps but TRADE dps for heal and the higher the keys the more u have to cast daybreak early, to start its cd, to have the triple holyshocks and WoG rotation as spotheals for pulls instead of having anything to deal dps.


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