[H]PL/NL/ENG Druid resto LF raiding guild

Hello guys!

Like mentioned in the topic I am looking for a PvE guild which is focussing on raiding and pushing high mythic+ keys. Of course it is not an must but eventually I would love to find a group of people trying to grind dungeons together on appropriate level.

I use to play PvP and PvE on high level through the expansions, mostly in legion on horde side. Unfortunately I haven’t really played druid in Shadowlands. My main character is resto shaman which is 215 ilvl on Outland in the alliance. Lately I have a plenty of free time that I can use on grinding and upgrading of the characters. :slight_smile:

I do raid in the alliance but that this not a problem for me to be available at both sides. Eventually I may just return to my druid as main or transfer shammy to horde.

Basically the druid is at this moment really fresh, meaning it is 160 ilvl however it will take couple days to grind since grinding is pretty easy.
My experience on this expansion is 8/10 heroic and 8/10 normal and 1k RiO.

As mentioned in the tittle, I speak dutch, polish and english in case any guild might be interested!
Btw. I am 25 y/o, got Discord and everything! :slight_smile:

My btag: Dyhrmann#21351

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