[H]Ragnaros - Curved Mage Lock DH LF Mythic progress

Hi, we’re a group of 3 players looking for a mythic raiding guild. Ideally we’re looking for a 2 day raiding guild because of real life commitments, we’re all 18+. I’m a fire mage main (was frost but rerolled) ilvl 206 10/10 HC with 220 pulls on Denathrius, got a lock friend that’s ilvl 200 10/10 HC and a DH friend that plays both dps and tank. Offers welcome. Might consider realm change if the offer is good enough.

Hey guys!

If you are genuinely open to server transfer then check out the link below to our recruitment! hit me up on bnet anytime you want.


Still looking for offers

add me on discord we are interested in you guys: Alekker#7538