[H] Insatiable 1/10 M 2 Day Raiding Guild - Recruiting!

Insatiable is currently recruiting for seasoned raiders to compete with the best as we progress through Castle Nathria!

We’re a freshly formed guild with a core of grizzled veterans with CE experiance over a number of tiers.

We are currently considering all exceptional class/spec to complete a competitive mythic roster with a current focus on Healers and ranged DPS.

We are looking for players that want a family for Shadowlands. Our guild is fairly new, however the members of the guild are veteran players with dedicated and experienced leaders, who have slowed down to two raid nights to accommodate real life commitments. We are looking for players that are ready to fully commit to a guild throughout the expansion in every aspect of the game!

Currently 1/10M Castle Nathria
Our raid times are:
Sunday: 19.00 - 23.00
Wednesday: 19.00 - 23.00
Alt/Social Raid - Monday 20.00

What are we expecting from you?
-Reliable performance! We value logs highly, every bit helps. We expect you to maximise your class/spec. Be ready with every consumable!
-Friendly attitude! We don’t like drama in the guild, we are a bunch of friends who are also keeping touch in irl
-Accept criticism and feedback! We need people who always try to push for more.
-Understand the roster! Mythic is a 20man progress, we will rotate for progress.

What should you expect from us?
-Friendly community that treat each other as family
-Progression throughout content
-Fair loot system
-Active guild site and discord for all of your needs

If you need any questions please don’t hesitate to Contact me in game;

Thanks for the read!