[H,Stormscale] <Equal> is now recruiting!

Welcome to Equal.

We’re a raiding guild that emphasize personal responsibility, where every member is accountable for creating a friendly, competitive and rewarding gaming experience. High knowledge of your role is needed, we won’t however min/max every aspect. A well balanced raid team and strategy will always prevail over a misconceptioned super tactic. Our core members have more then 15 years experience of World of Warcraft and know what to focus on in order to maintain progression, which is best done with motivation and with a fun approach.

Our goal is to be a top guild on Stormscale. Getting there requires some dedication and taking things in the right order.

Raids: Monday & Wednesdays - 19.45-22.30 Raiders sign 24h prior to raid start. To maintain progression and stability, raiders need high attendance. Officers keeps track of attendance and will compose the raid team based on factors such as attendance, performance, raid/group dynamic.

Loot & Trial: Usually Trail runs about five raids before a decision is made. Loot is distributed by Council, where raiders firstly decide. If no united decision can be made RL will assign or call for roll.

Code of conduct:
*Show respect
*Avoid politics
*No sexism
*No racism

Contact information:
Nizu#2558 (In-game)
Nizu#5966 (Discord)

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