[H][Tarren Mill] Holydin looking for chill casual guild

Hello. First of all thank you for showing interest to my post and reading. In case you are looking for more tl:dr version and not detailed wall of text, I shall provide one for you:

Name: Lightofwoo
Class: Paladin
Spec: Holy (no off-spec)
Ilvl: 228
Exp: 6/10 CN NM 3/10 SoD NM. Vast experience in previous expansions
Looking for: M+ / NM/HC raids
Availablitiy: Any
Contact: Savedwoo#6517

And now for the longer version.
You may call me Woo. I am closing in at 30 age milestone. I am from Finland, born and raised. Have been playing video games almost all my life. World of Warcraft since TBC, al thought was away from end of WotLK till WoD. I have mained healer since WotLK. Classes I have played in the past include resto druid (WotLK), resto shammy (BfA), holy paladin (WoD/Legion/BfA/SL) and mistweaver monk (Legion). I have never really played priest.

I am looking for casual guild with chill and relaxed atmosphere. Number one thing for me is to have fun. And I find it fun to challenge myself as a healer and as a player. I like mythic dungeons even though I have not ran higher than +11 yet. As far as raiding goes I can see myself doing NM/HC but not keen on doing mythic raiding.

I am social critter who likes to chat while playing. That is why ideally you guild has active and social playerbase. I don’t mind joining smaller/growing guild as long as you have ambition.

In return for providing me a home and place to belong I can offer my healing services. I am fairly active even during early- and daytime. I do not have much obligations in my life at the moment, so can attend pretty much any days and times. But preferably not looking for super late night active guild since I go to bed “early”.

I am positive and have good nerves. I don’t worked over nothing. I am kind hearted and don’t mind help out guildies whenever I can. Most important thing for me is the social side, It’s not that important to me what we do as long we do it together and have a good time. But like I said I am not afraid of little challenge.

I don’t know if I have provided relevant info for you. Feel free to add me on discord for a chat. Let’s see if I could fit in your guild. My discord is: Savedwoo#6517

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