[H][Tarren-Mill] <Riptide> 5/9Mythic Looking for dps

Riptide is an extremely chill guild who get AoTC consistently and dabble with mythic each tier. We are currently are 9/9 HC and 5/9 Mythic.

We’re open to people who want to try take their first steps into mythic but have only done HC so far providing they’re up to par!

Currently we’re looking for DK dps or any ranged dps other than a hunter.
Though we are accepting new players for bench and social spots regardless of prog we’re not accepting returning players or under geared characters for the raid slots listen as being needed above.

We’re aiming to really try make the guild more of a community than a straight up hardcore progression guild.

Our raid atmosphere is super chill and full of banter and messing around, we take bosses and prog seriously but don’t have any shouting or negativity during raid time. All we ask of our guildmates is that they do their best, research their class, and hopefully down bosses.

We often play other games outside of WoW together and really are searching for the right type of players more than just the right logs.

We are currently recruiting exceptional healers for the roster but dps players could be considered.
Socials or people wanting to be on the bench are more than welcome too.

We raid Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 ST to 11:00 ST

Add me on discord or Bnet to have a chat
vratzv - Discord RatZ#21228 - Bnet

Thanks in advance and we appreciate you reading <3