Huge problem with Ve'nari Refuge and warmode in general

So for the last 3-4 days a group of alliance Scumbags have been camping the exit to Ve’nari’s refuge meaning that no horde players can leave unless they turn off warmode.I know some people will just say “oh why dont you just turn off warmode then?” that does not fix the bigger problem, in my realm alliance players are known to regularly camp neutral areas or wq’s in large groups and due to the low horde player count it makes it near enough impossible to route them out and reveals the problem with warmode and the incentive to have it on. If one faction has the higher active player count then they can essentially prevent the other faction from even playing game in some areas like the scumbags camping the exit to Ve’nari’s refuge forcing them to turn off warmode and lose out 10% reward bonus, not because they don’t want to do any pvp but because they can’t play the game unless turn it off which also gives the larger faction essentially a free bonus because of there toxic behavior which i think is horrible game design. And i know this post is gonna be filled with alliance mains that will screech that the horde does this on there server all the time but i have seen little evidence of that, but i’ve seen numerous complaints about the alliance behavior on here and from other horde players in game.

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