<Humble> Horde Recruitment

- Late Night Raiding Guild - Horde - Shazzrah EU

Humble is one of the longest standing guilds on Shazzrah EU. We have a strong core of players and have cleared all content Classic WoW had to offer.
We step forwards into Classic TBC with the same objectives in mind.
We don’t define ourselves as hardcore/casual, instead we make our own path. Pushing forwards to play our best and have a good time while doing so.
Current Progression SSC 5/6 | TK 3/4

Raid Schedule:
22H00 - 01H00 Server Time, Thursday and Monday.

Loot System:
We use Loot Council and try to keep the distribution as even and fair as possible. Primarily loot goes to the class that has the best use of it. Priority is given to members who have consistently shown good performance, effort and attendance.

Able to read, write and speak English on a understandable level
Able to bring necessary pre raid gear, consumables, enchants, gems to raids
Knowledge about your class, spec and what you can bring to a raiding environment
Good attendance, team spirit and maturity
Being able to handle criticism and other types of positive feedback

What you will get:
A loyal group of friends sticking up for each other
A goal oriented raiding environment
Active and enthusiastic groups for dungeons & raids
Experienced raid leaders and players in general
Lots of great banter and epic loot!

Currently looking for:

Exceptional players of all classes
Socials are welcome to join

For more information message Vengabus, Batechapas or any leader in game.

Or check out our discord server


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