Hunter became the most killable class in PvP with this change

RIP Hunter PvP players…

I just wanna say… I don’t ever complain about class changes, since I usually find it silly… But this… :sweat_smile: is just plain “class breaking”…

Up until now before Blizzard decided to HEAVILY nerf Hunter, Hunter already had extremely few defensive CDs, if not counting “traps as being defensive CDs”…

We DID have a few “workarounds” in order to stay alive if you managed to pull them off properly, through Feign Death + Camouflage, or if you played SV Hunter, Feign Death + Mending Bandage. :tipping_hand_man:

But besides those workarounds, we rely on 3min defensive CDs to stay alive, since we have NO healing spells, or any other short defensive CDs we can press besides Roar of Sacrifice.

Sure… Feign Death had a 1.5 sec 90% dmg reduction if you chose the Survival Tactics PvP talent, on a 30 sec CD… But that has niche functionality against specific enemy spells, and is not a proper defensive CD… Like for example countering a Warlocks Chaos Bolt…

No… we had something MUCH better, when picking Survival Tactics, which was the “DoT removal effect” it came with. :point_left: :point_left: :point_left:

We were already scraping together ANY defensive talents we could, but now, Blizzard made a SMALL but DEVASTATING change to Hunter in PvP… :sweat_smile:

They took our most mandatory PvP talent, Survival Tactics, and made it unnusable by removing the “DoT removal effect” from it, and instead made it a 3sec duration… :melting_face:

Some might see this as a good change… because “waaauw! 3 secs of 90% dmg reduction”:roll_eyes: However with that change, both Mending Bandage AND Camouflage became UNUSABLE, since BOTH break on damage!

So now we can NO LONGER use those spells mid fight, and essentially lost TWO defensive CDs with this change, AND had a PvP talent gutted! :face_with_head_bandage:

And why did Blizz do this change…? Well it was because those poor Affliction Warlocks had their DoT’s removed every 30 sec. :upside_down_face: So OF COURSE! The solution to fixing Affliction Locks, wasn’t to change how their DoTs work… It was to target Hunter specifically, and make half of Hunter defensives unusable AGAINST ALL CLASSES! :joy:

So until this changes (if it ever does), I won’t be playing my Hunter anymore. :confused: And I mean either by reworking Hunter defensives entirely, or reverting this change to Survival Tactics

So good luck to you Hunter PvP players out there… You better start making those openers count, because if other classes manage to stick on to you…


Basically now if you see a Warlock or a Shadow Priest run for your lives.


it’s been particularly horrible recently, Blizzard really need to look at hunters survivability, When I play another class, I genuinely get excited when I come up against a hunter as I know how fragile they are compared to pretty much every other class, need I say more? this ones hit me hard, feel no urge to play my main.

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the arguably best hunter in the world (bicmex) says it is a huge buff - you might be wrong :slight_smile:

you can mitigate so much damage with it. learn to use it properly, whining isn’t gonna help.

Maybe it is a “buff” in organized 3s top-level arena, but for 99% of the players who do BGs, world PVP, skirmishes, shuffle it is a big nerf. Especially for solo PVP players

As for the adaptation - for sure, this is the best we can do. They are not reverting it



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Very well said. It was most likely done to please arena players. People who WPvP or BG won’t have this being a “buff”.

1.5 sec extra dmg reduction duration, is in no way worth loosing a DoT removal, camouflage during combat, and Mending Bandage…

It’s obvious that whoever is designing Hunter PvP changes, PURELY plays arena… :sweat_smile:

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