Hunter dps

Hi. Pls anyone can help me. Why other hunter pet do duble mele atack as mine on same fight in raid. What i do wrong?

From what i can quickly see through the single fight on your warcraft logs, use Kill command more. You also need to keep a better uptime on Bestial Wrath, and try to keep it at 3 stacks for as much as possible, which is ofcourse, with Barbed shot. I’m not an expert, or in a good place to teach someone how to play their spec, but these are just quick things that came through my mind when i was looking at your question.

The more barbed shots you do, the less CD your bestial wrath will have, so with the crit buff you get from your 3 stacks of barbed shot, and then the bestial wrath being off cooldown more, will help you already a fair bit.

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