Hunter: Lag Spikes when pets are out!

Basically, every 4-5 seconds when playing my Hunter (be it BM, MM or Survival) I experience a lag spike, but ONLY when pets are out! :grimacing: And no, my router is fine (using the 2.4GHz, since in my case it works better than the 5GHz), and yes, my PC is a mid-high spec machine and not a potatoe. Everything has been checked out and works a-okay, both software and hardware. Also, I’ve done every “fix procedure” multiple times (like copy/rename old WTF folder, clear cache, addons off and on, client repair option, reinstall game and client, router setup, monitor setup, update GPU, update PC overall, etc.) So … what is this sorcery? :thinking: Other classes/specs are doing fine and plays fluently - no lag spikes on a Warlock with pets out, DK with pet out, Mage with pet out, or even a Monk and Shaman with their CD pet out. This has to be an issue/a bug in the game, something that Blizzard needs to fix. Please reply if any of you have, or rather see this problem in-game :slight_smile: Because I can’t be the only one, I just can’t :sweat_smile: Thanks!

Hello Kujerro,

Turning addons just on and off might not have the desired effect because some tend to still be active in the background. I would suggest that you do a full Interface reset.

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What’s your opinion?

Well it was implied, but yes, I have also done that, so what now? :thinking: I have since found other players with this same exact problem, and also Eiwo / Aiwo has posted about it: FPS spikes with pet out - #2 by Hagut
This has to be a game issue, and not a PC issue. I look forward to a response :slight_smile:

Hello again,

Thanks a million for testing it. I would suggest to report it via the bug report tool so that the right people are made aware.

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What’s your opinion?

Hello. I can’t believe that this problem still exists. I quited playing the game 1 month ago and I reported this issue sending a bug report and also sending a ticket. The GM told me that this was a known issue and probably the pet was the problem because there were many hunters having those spikes . And this happened like 2-3 months ago or maybe older . I cannot remember for sure. TBH, having such an issue for so long it’s unbelievable and having so many people reporting this without fixing it…it’s a damn shame .

Anyway, I can say for sure that even if u change the pets , the issue still exists. Clearing addons etc will not fix it. Probably switching DX12-11 or using Vsync wont fix the issue. And ofc, as the others said, this happens the moment u summon your pet. When u press the summon pet button , u can clearly see a small spike and keeps doing it until u remove pet. I know that BM class it’s pretty easy but they need more attention…:stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like I gave a massive amount of info on this subject, yet you still ask for things that have already been tested. Full reset. Man, I even tested it with a clean install and several different pc’s because I had the time to do so.

Kujerro linked to my post with the massive amount of info on this problem and what has been tested.

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This has made me quit my Hunter especially :frowning: Done everything, but I’m on the verge of giving up! Heck, I’ve been bug reporting this exact Hunter issue since Legion … Also, since WoD I have been reporting other issues like f.ex. male Pandaren hands opening up when you zoom out, and female Belves cracking backs when they /cast or /use under or in water, etc. BUT nothing of it has been fixed yet … 5 years!!! xD

I started having this issue with constant stutters since the 8.1 patch (only as BM) and it’s only happening on my hunter. Made a ticket, but i got the standard reply “Run the game with no addons, delete this and that” Done everything, even had a fresh reinstall of windows, and it’s still happening … i guess we can only hope that somehow, 8.2 will remove this problem, Fingers crossed.

We’ll see. I can’t play my hunter because of this bug. It’s horrific.

28 July 2019 and this bug still makes my favorite class and spec, BM unplayable. Is there any hope this bug will be fixed?..

Still very confused as to why i’m still having this issue only on my main >_> Steps i’ve done so far:

  • Reinstalled Windows.
  • Reinstalled the game.
  • Deleted WTF/Interface/Cache + Reinstalled the game.
  • Messed around with Ingame and Nvidia settings.

I’m using the same Elvui profile, and the same addons on my alt hunter, and i don’t have the stutters on that. I’m close to giving up on this honestly.

Should note, this only started happening, after the Tides of Vengeance patch, was fine before.