Hunter LF raiding guild

Hi there! Im a old wow player, played since day 1 of the game with few brakes here and there and im looking to get back into the game. Im looking for a guild that can clear heroic before new raid tier and also tip toes into mythic and going far as possible (CE is not prio, just having fun and trying your best).
My raiding history:
All raids cleared in vanilla
Played pvp mostly in tbc
Played pvp mostly in wotlk
Casual raiding in cata
Skipped mop
13/13 hc, 5/13M HFC
11/11 hc, 6/11 Antorus
Didnt really raid in Bfa
Shadowlands 2/8M CN, 8/11HC in Sepulcher (stopped playing during progress, wasnt really my expansion)
In DF im 8/8 N, did have a break due health issues and after it decided to swap to Alliance
Obviously my gear is a work in progress since im getting back into wow but ilvl comes fast.
Currently playing BM but can play MM also if needed
Armory link:

Prefered raid time is 8PM - 11PM server time and any day excluding friday and saturday

If you are in need of a hunter contact me @ Nekkeeh#2407

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