Hunter LF raiding guild

Hi guys! Im a 393ilvl MM hunter looking for a raid guild. My ilvl aint higher cause i started the exp healing and got a paladin at similar ilvl with 6/8HC.

Im interested in a 2 day raiding guild with raid start earliest 19.45 (no weekend raids) with a somewhat casual approach but with some degree of seriousness when it comes too raids. Ideally the goal of the guild is aotc & knocking down some bosses on mythic aswell.

Im 28 yrs old from sweden and ive played wow on n off since its release. Ive raided on different levels throughout my time in wow and generally id say im a stable and experienced player.

Hope too hear from you!

Cobalt Imperium

Our Main goal is to get curve and 5 mythic kills (seeing as we are a new guild). More would be nice, but you have to crawl before you run and then move on form there.
I would call us a midcore guild. We are not hardcore, but we are not a social guild. We enjoy pushing m+ keys and having fun outside the raid.
Our current core group has mythic and cutting edge experience, so you are in good hands.

Current progress: 7/8Hc blow 40% on Raszageth
We raid 2 days per week and expect the following:

Everyone pulls their weight - no free carries. Therefore, make sure your toon is optimal.
90% attendance to raids (2 times per week).
You must have a sense of humor. I cannot stress this enough!
Be prepared for raids, i.e. have enchantments, pots/food, etc
Know the tactics to the fight. BTW, we can tell if you run around like a headless chicken.
Be on time

Recruitment open to: DSP - high priority for Mage, Warlock Demon Hunter,Warrior, Shaman. However, all classes will be considered.
Wednesdays 19:00 - 22:00. CET.
Thursdays 19:00 - 22:00. CET.
Sunday Alt run 19:00 - 22:00. CET.(optional)

Contact me on Bnet Majestic#22132 or discord Kota#1077

Sounds like a perfect match but i cant start raiding earlier than 19.45… Unfortunate!!

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