Hunter lock and load

Sorry if it is a bad post - first time.

I’ve had a blast playing survival in wotlk. Rotation feels awesome. You manage a couple of dots and follow spell priority. A very big part of the rotation is following lock and load procs.
You feel powerful at the moment when it (lock&load) procs and it feels nice using it. It procs - you just focus on the exp. shot button and mash the heck out of it (434 macro-use rank 4,rank 3 and then rank 4 again not to overwrite dot dmg). It spikes your damage output and you feel the “unloding” happening. Fun times.

In cata, the 434 is no longer relavent, you will be using latest rank for all 3 shots but that comes with a downside of waiting 0.2 seconds after each shot, so that you do not overwite dot dmg (or you can weave other spells in between). Ofcource 0.2 seconds is managable and can be easily “waited out” but that results in somewhat anti-climatic behaviour. You now have to “time” the “proc” properly.
I don’t know about you guys, but I would rather “unload” the heck out of exp. shot insted of timing “pauses” (no matter how short). I don’t mind weaving in other spells base on the situation.
I understand that it is not a global issue, but more of a “rotation” “feeling” thing (it probably still gona be a fun playstyle)… but I hoped that Blizzard could remove this 0.2 second “delay”, so that “unloading” would keep the wotlk - “mashing the heck out of exp. shot feeling”.
I would like to see your comments/feedback whether you agree/disagree with me because maybe it is just me that that feels that way.