Hunter looking for guild


Hello, looking for a raid guild for the new Raid coming up, im up to date on my character (415 ilvl) with some decent exp. prefer a semi-casual group. heroic/mythic content.
would be great if the guild is on horde/ tarren mill.

I’m quite flexible with dates, but starting maybe 8-9pm server time so a bit later.

for more info add my Btag @ AshyBoy#2285

(Poisonenvy) #2

Hi Grenrah … I’d recommend at least putting a few details on here about what you’re looking for. Personally, when I’m looking through these forums to see if there’s anyone who might be suitable for our guild, if I see something like that where there’s no information and just a “contact me” … then I tend to move on. I spend enough time on admin as it is, without chasing someone who might be wholly unsuitable.

Try giving details like whether you’d be happy to switch realm/faction, what sort of raiding guild you’re looking for (Casual/Semi-Casual/Hardcore), what sort of raiding (Normal, Heroic, Mythic), WHEN you can raid … days, times (in server time), etc.

Having looked at your profile … I’ve immediately jumped to some conclusions. But they may not be correct, so you need to be more specific.

(Sindorie) #3

heya gren
blazed redemption are looking for raiders for 8.2
check out LFM raiders Blazed Redemption Tarren Mill for more info on us and grab me in game if u need/wanna chat


Anyone out there?