Hunter, Mage and DK LF Guild

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Hey, me my brother and a friend of ours are all looking for a guild that we can join. We’re looking for a raiding guild but with an active and social community on the side. We’re all around 380ilvl. Myself i am 6/8M progressed right now but my current raidingteam fell apart due to inactivity.

The other two have 1/8M but not much more than that in the current tier, we’re all fast learners and good raiders once we get into it.

  • Hunter (All specs) 380-385ilvl 6/8M
  • Death Knight (Unholy) 380ilvl 1/8M
  • Mage (All specs) 376ilvl 1/8M

We are all from Sweden and around 20-23 years old, preferrably we would like to join a 2 day (swedish-not mandatory) raiding guild, but we will ofcourse take all offers into consideration since we know that not many raidingteams have spots for three people at once.

If this at all sounds interesting, please contact me @ PackardLinx#2860

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Yo man! Added you on b-net! =)


Hey all,

We are after a steady active players to raid with us on Sun/Mon/Thurs 19:45-23:00ST if you might be up for that add omn#2283 and lets chat:D

Have a great day and happy gaming!

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