Hunter need more quiver options

Hey all.

What do you say to bringing back the old quivers (featured from vanilla to WOTLK) as an additional transmog option?

If you didn’t play back then, one of your bag slots was a quiver which would appear on your character back when you drew your bow or began to fire. You could actually keep it out and run around with it if you kept your bow unsheathed.

These quivers weren’t amazing-looking, but they still fulfilled a fundamental cosmetic for your class fantasy.

Currently, we have the choice of the artefact weapon’s quiver (which makes us bound to use a specific bow) and looks very elven or another quiver that drops from Sylvanas - again, very elven-looking. Recently, we’ve had a quiver appear in trading post but it substitutes the back-slot option, meaning you can’t wear a cape with it .

Why should hunters get an extra transmog option for a quiver when other classes don’t get to do similar things? Because the quiver is an important aspect of the class’ fantasy if wielding a bow. Also, if Druids and Warlocks get extra cosmetic options in the barber shop, I think this could be justified for hunters.

Thank you!


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