Hunter pet spec restrictions

I’m sure this has been posted before but I just gotta vent: I’m so tired of finding a cool pet, taming/revealing it and then finding out it’s cunning so it’s blatantly worse for me to use than a ferocity/tenacity pet. I’m sure they’re great in pvp but for raids? I’ve never been one for true minmaxxing but hunters need all the survival tools they can get in raids (and bringing BL is nice too), bringing a cunning pet feels like I’m gimping myself and my raid group.

It’d be nice if I could just pick the spec I want for my pets yknow? I’ve heard this WAS a thing in Legion before being removed for some reason. Oh yeah and I’ve seen people argue that this would make PVPing hunter pets confusing - just put the pet spec on the hunter (and/or pet)s nameplate. I’m sure there’s other easier solutions to that problem that I’m not thinking of right now lol


get a combat giraffe and it won’t matter

Why wouldn’t it matter?

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because it so funny to look at you won’t care any more :slight_smile:

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Oh man, you should have seen it in shadowland. Your pet options were.
Or clefthoof if you’re a BM.

Ignoring the fact that Blue’s don’t pay attention to the EU forum and you’re better off making a lvl 10 alt on the NA to complain. But they said.
“Oh we don’t want people confused about what the pet could do in pvp” Same excuse they gave for removing Observers for Warlocks.

And since the warlock thing was so recent I am 99.9% sure they will double down on it, because if your enemy can’t tell you’re using bloodlust WHATEVER WILL THEY DO?!

Also enjoy all the new patch models because unless you really like cats. They are all tenacity and cunning.

Trust me, I was there for shadowlands, the trauma has yet to fade. Even then I still picked ferocity pets I thought were cool: it’s very rare that I’ve had to resort to using the best species when it comes to my pet being kept alive. It’s a different story when your pet affects your own survivability thanks to whatever pet spec it is.

Funnily enough I’m literally right in the middle of making a US alt just to post there because yeah, EU forums seem pretty dead, though I doubt there’s any hunter devs over there either :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye, most of the actual feedback goes to the “community council” So they very rarely look at the regular forums for us peasants kek.
I remember running torghast and I swear that was impossible till the feign death turtle cheese tactic.

Imo, I think the best solution to this. Is to actually remove pet specs all together. and return to tree. Let all pets have any of the three options outside their regular pet family skills.

My poor heart still hasn’t recovered. One day.

Well hey, they could make it worse.

Could just give you buttons that vaguely say: Summon Ferocity/Tenacity/Cunning Pet and it just spawns an undetailed box that slides towards your targets every so often.

They may as well be that now.

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