Hunter presence in RTWF

Do you think there will be a hunter present in the race to world first this time around for a change?

I personally don’t think there will, even though we got “raid utility” in the form of hunters mark, it is way too weak to warrant bringing a hunter instead of, say a fourth aug evoker :slight_smile:

We’ll see in a couple days in any case.


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Maybe not for the final boss, but surely up to around that.

BM with 4P 10.2 is quite decent. Not many better RDPS. Big HP pool, immunity, Mark etc, would be weird not to bring one.

The two other specs will struggle though, SV isnt in a bad place, but so many dominant melee infront of them.

But RWF means absolutely nothing about the general viability of the specs anyways.

Yeh exactly this rtwf means nothing regarding viability at all I totally agree.

We are talking the top 0.1% of players here

RogerBrown is an officer of Echo so yes if hunter is decent or they want Hunter’s mark it will be around just because Hunter is his main

2 hunters and an occasional 3rd on every boss, probably the most prominent class out of all.

Hunter complainers in shambles.

To be fair, it’s a new tier so the slate is clean and only time will tell. I remember so many at the beginning of 8.3 saying BM are ruined and they were one of the strongest. So let’s see.

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