Hunter Quiver Transmog

Hey all, with all the transmog options available a lot of us take a lot of time and pride in finding the perfect transmog. Unfortunately unless you are using the artifact appearences or the two quiver transmogs which take the place of a cloak) we have no other options. I personally love the look of a quiver (adds a sense of realism) rather than arrows appearing out of thin air. Please can we get some more options for this, at least different colours etc as you already have existing artwork from artifact appearences. The same could be done for gun/rifle ammo. The choice to also be able to equip a cloak alongside the quiver/ammo pouch would be the icing on the cake, but for now i would be happy with more choices and colours. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


We need A LOT of quivers! There is 3 versions in SoD dropped by Sylvanas but the groups are always full of Hunters and it’s not on legacy mode yet. Also there was one in trading post but some ppl like me didn’t notice it so now we have to wait.

Treasure back piece was out at March and this month
The quiver was out in April so maybe on Octomber will come back again

I keep coming to retail from time to time (Legion, BFA and now Dragonflight) and I keep getting disappointed about hunters having no quivers. All bows had them since Vanilla all the way up to Cataclysm and I think they got lost around the time Transmog was added - which is quite ironic when you think about it. I would like to hear the reason behind their removal. Clipping issues maybe?

In any case there was enough time to fix that. So please give us quivers!

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All they need to do is design a basic quiver (like we had in Vanilla) and just make it the same colour as the bow. I don’t need artifact quiver levels of fancy, just a plain old quiver. Using a brown bow? Make it a brown quiver. Red bow, red quiver. You get my point.

I dunno. I feel like with current blizz it’s a double edged sword. You will get a quiver, but then your bow disappears.
Because they are terrified of the fabled beast… CLIPPING!

every quiver in the game right now sits on your back along with your bow

I think Biggreen was referring to a possible bug that could pop up if Blizz implemeted quivers across the board.

Most cool back accessories get rid of your gear, so you can’t have a cool 2h weapon or a shield AND a (insert modern cloak modelled item here)
I’m still mad at them for not getting daisy right.

Good there man