Hunter rework when?

Genuine question, what do y’all think?

tbh I like the current play-style. There areother classes that needs reworks if you ask me.

Playstyles not the problem. The lack of utility or demand is the issue tbh maybe not a rework is neefed but we drfintly need some attention.

Id like the return of Aspects tbh

again personal take but not all classes need utility, I personally really dislike homogenization of classes. That’s me ofc but, some classes should be fine with beig a ‘selfish’ class or a glass-cannon. THOUGH yes I do miss aspects, mainly due to the class fantasy.

Ooh, they’re back.

Jerby and Deja, here’s one for you.

Nothing better to do?


Hunter has lost Every single Buff we brought to the raid as we had all of them at one point in time.
We brought an Attack Power increase via Hunter’s Mark that we lost. (it also at some point was a flat damage increase in %)
We brought group movement speed via Aspect of the Pack we lost that.
We had Aspect of the Fox (was Op at the time but these days casters have so many things they can do on the move that it would not be and evoker already have a weaker version of it)
We Lost Combat ress.
We lost Pet dispells on other people/ ourself.
We have lost way more then this i am just going for a few things.

Hunter utility has gone down over the years.
The one thing we have left is Bloodlust.
We have a few pet abilities left over from this system like we have Healing debuff on target for some pets, we have water walking for ourselves we have slow fall, we have a single target slow via pet and we have Freedom effect.
(there might be more but i do not remember them)
The thing is though because these are all pet abilities we only have 1 of these things at the time.
The same was true with all the buffs we could bring or the CR it was an interesting system far more engaging then most classes.

And i have not yet talked about the not good defensive options we have as a class.

Not how World of Warcraft work these days.

That would require Blizzard to tune hunter to do MORE damage than other classes and that other classes would complain about like crazy so this is even more unrealistic then actually getting a rework for the utility.

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To be a glass cannon you need absurd damage at the expense of defensives and utility. Hunter is not that at all.


tbh to me mm at least does insane burst, not game breaking degree mind, but it does really good damage from what I have seen, and tried.

But it needs to be insanely strong for a glass cannon spec that does not bring anything other than damage.
Very likely it would need to be the best.

In raid right now if the next patch comes live tomorrow and you can pick and choose what classes and specs you want in your raid group 4 Augment evokers is going to be in the raid 0 hunters will be in the raid.
Because there is not ROOM for a class without a buff or utility because most classes and specs have buffs and utility you want to use in a raid.
Hunter is the ONLY class without any there are a couple of specs that also do not have any but as a class hunter is the only one without anything to bring to a raid group that makes them more attractive than having something else.

When we have people like RogerBrown someone who has literally played hunter from at minimum Wrath of the Litchking no longer playing hunter you know we are down bad.

Ah, I cannot speak in terms of raids sadly, or pve. I tend to stick to my healers for pve. Hunter is mainly a pvp main.

And that is completely fine i cannot speak for PVP as i do not do it.
In PvE there is a massive issue of where to place hunter which is why people are asking for a rework.
And hunter needs some kind of fix.

When even Mage who has been historically the highest chance of being above average good dps class in the game a class that already has a lot of utility gets a rework where they gain more utility and defensive options, hunter a class who actually needs a rework should get it.

Sadly i suspect we will not get one before next expansion.


Sad to hear, I wouldn 't bring my hopes up, but I wish blizz balanced pve and pvp seperately…They tend to ruin the one while trying to balance the other.

Who needs simplicity, eh?

Certainly not, blizz!

The same eu people spouting the same bait threads is boring,

if you want the forum content, checkout this thread on US. This jackal guy is truly unhinged and makes even the worst EU posters look casual in comparison.

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The only rework i d like to see on hunters is to make BM an interesting spec. I dont care about the numbers it just feels mehh

I would start with remove/replace/redesign of cobra shot. Which feels boring and awful to press. No DMG, no special interaction, nothing. Just filler spell, so you have something to press. Something like slam on warrior.

Also they coul add some nicer visuals to shots etc.

If we do get one I’d love to see the aspects come back as long as there like the original ones where you select it and it’s permanent like pally auras. :grin:

If not all classes needs utility then they neef alot more dmg then classes WITH UTILITY, why would u bring them to the dungeon otherwise if u can have a dps with good utility and dmg.