Hunters are OP

Hunters are rediculus op atm, especially BM, 2 button rotation kite and pets do all the hard work. This is destroying game balance and bring a new meta that is so easy to play and it requires no skill brining game skill celling to a lower point that it should. Personally i consider the last buff to BM pets 50% more dmg to have a HUGE impact and blizzard should be very delicate with the numbers. 50% is very big, so is 125%, if you dont want to destroy balance you should slowly buff or nerf something like 2.5% or 5% max. 50% buff dmg on hunter pet was a huge deal and a game breaking change.

This is my feedback take it or leave it, what i do is for the best for the game believe it or not. Yes hunters are very simple to play and do very high dmg while sustaining their mobility,kiting and dps high and its something that MUST be fixed ASAP.

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BM is and has always been annoying to play against but there are worse offenders out there atm. Sub rogues, demo locks and boomkins are all a lot more frightening.^^


How many rogues can execute their rotation properly , and how many rogues can execute their CC properly ?
Answer is very few.
How many hunters can do plays that have as strong of a push as a skilled rogue?
Most of them, even those who are new at the class.
The boomkin dilema I agree on but rogues are okay, they should just remove the evasion from CoS


Double Vanish and CD reduction from invigorating shadowdust are things I hate the most about them.


The only hard part for playing hunter is choosing the right pets and talents for pvp then everything else it just 2-3 botton rotation and WD-A to run and shoot and GG. Nothing can survive this. This is just wrong. You can even sent pets only and hide, they will get the job done…since they do more than 50% of hes overral dmg, My point is that BM pets do way to much dmg for a automated pet that doesnt expire like dots and blizz shouldnt have buffed them 50% more dmg the first place!


You got a point they are 2 strong in the hands of a skilled player they are hell from a wwmonk pov

I know one is the beast attack, but what’s the other one? I feel I’m not playing at max capacity.

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cobra shot

I honestly think your trolling. Bm hunter is less scary than rogues, warlocks, ret even.
Doesnt even have selfhealing or real reset for world pvp.

no no trolling at all, BM and MM are exremely op in the right hands, i was about to delete my characters and delete the game because of it… Its not troll or making fun MM BM are extremely op they stun you they slow you they tranqu you and kite you to death… there is NOTHING you can do to stop them, this is what i call broken stuff.

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Charge into hunter, hamstring 50% slow, hunter disengage use your 2nd charge, storm bolt 4 sec stun, if hunter survive heroic leap and you win.

Just use your abilties correctly really.

By the way warriors have about the same amount of buttons to press as hunters. Maybe fury has less even.

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Yeah, that works if the hunter doesn’t have:

  • Master’s call
  • Feign death
  • Intimidation
  • Tar Trap
  • Steel Trap
    I play both Hunter and warrior, then only situation where a warrior can keep up with me is if there is a healer behind
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