Hunters should get aspects back

I want to preface this post by saying that I’ve been enjoying Hunter a ton, and that Blizzard has done a great job improving the spec eversince it’s new Dragonflight inception.
But seeing as Hunters carry the least amount of utility, the only reasonable solution lore wise would be to bring party wide aspects back.

When we think of Hunters, we envision skilled marksmen and trappers who embrace their primal instincts to conquer their foes. Hunters tap into their connection with the natural world, using tactics inspired by the beasts they hunt and the environments they thrive in.
When recruiting people to raids or M+ people usually think what is required, every class that brings a buff i.e Mage, Priest, Druid, Warrior, Evokers are a must because these buffs whilst small can make the difference between clearing or wiping. Power Infusion for priests is absolutely insane and can make or break a class. Paladins with their auras and brez, Druids with Innervate and brez, Demon Hunters with the bonus magic damage and Augmentation is a tier of it’s own that has proven how busted can having utility be inspite of doing low DPS. The list goes on and on.
Yet when people see a Hunter, nothing comes up to mind other than slightly above average DPS. Hunters could and should provide so much more, they’re perhaps the most versatile class in terms of lore as they adapt and overcome each obstacle better than anyone else.

The Hunters throughout the years have managed the maintain a good sense of class identity. But bringing back an aspect of them (real funny) that has been lost to time would encourage some strategic depth that we Hunters are known for, and would make us a beneficial support that is not only considered but perhaps even needed.


I think they missed out on alot they coulda brought back sadly…

Aspects would have been awesome to return to the game.

Survival has no traps? Give it snake and explosive traps back is a big part of survivals fantasy being that trap master.

MM id like exotic ammunition and Side winders to return also.

There was a time hunters brougut everything, so i understood why we saw reductions in our kit. But theyve litterally emptied our entire utility kit. We offer BL, and still rhe worst option of it as every other BL class also brings something else unique.

Sadly tho. I think hunters reached the point it needs a rework, i think its been overdue a while. But we havent quite sunk low enough to be on the radar for this.

Your seeing these new reworked classes and new role speccs bringing so much more, thst classes that didnt get those reworks and stuff are just simply behind.

But i imagine at this point we will be waiting on 10.2 to see if anything happens

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Aspects would be a nice callback to bring back once again. I remember playing the class as main since starting my wrath-baby experience and only dropped it around WoD to give Rogue a try.

I feel so grievously lacking now in comparison. Whilst it hasn’t stopped me from playing the class since picking it up again, previous iterations of it has been undeniably much much much better and versatile. There was always something you could contribute, even if it just meant having more personal defensives. Or just a pet that had a certain utility or buff that filled the niche a group required: Battle-ress Quilen for example.

Granted, it’s nice to be back to one’s old loves, but adjusting to what used to be plentiful took a long time.

This sort of “stance” mechanic is something that i feel the lack of in many classes.
DKs would be cooler with presences back, Hunter–>aspects, warriors have stances that are a shadow of what they were, paladin’s auras are not impactful at all…
Lets hope

i agree with you

Anything that was from the original classes should be brought back.
Warrior STILL doesn’t feel the same and it’s a shame.

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