Hunters too squishy

Im playing my hunter (bm) and i find we lack tools in pvp. Melee are way too sticky and there isnt much we can do these days give us 2 deterrence back ar least.


just use your slow ,traps, engage vsvs while pressing S on keyboard with your finger. and press your hard rotation 1-2-3


dead class dead game, quitting angle

Full of positivity aint you.

Theres nothing positive about the game right now, feels like Fast X, full out trash & promising a sequel

im positively fed up with going to forums because the game is unplayable shjit right now

uncompetitive unmanaged, trashheap of a mangement team of this game. wheres my money back.

Games never been balanced, why the shock now? Class is dead in +25s sure, but the for the vast majority it isnt that bad.

Hunters got problems yes, and getting % nerfs without any real feedback sucks sure, but i wouldnt say the games that bad really.

U like playing dragonflight? especially from a hunter PoV, have at it. I want my money back for the past 9 months, not even an attempt to balance, little “screw you” 3% here & 2% there JUST to keep me subscribing and not fixing ANY real concerns, game NEVER been this bad.

Every class will have periods of time it aint meta lol, games bad cause ur class isnt meta?

Game is bad for the direction its taken & its half assed creators using paying costumers as beta testers for their crap work augmentation evoker just 1 small example and coping them along with BAD MATH buffs&nerfs that make no sense what so ever. pack of lazy idiots managing this game and it keeps getting worse.

Your not a beta tester for aug, aug was beta tested for months. It ess intended to be meta lol no mmorpg is that balanced ur gonn have highs and lows, and yes 10.1 has been a low.

But really sub 20+ it not the end of the world. Trying to do +25s with hunter however can prove to be a frustration, but theres atleast 1 class in the same situstion every patch.

Ur entitled to your opinion. i disaggree with your logic and narritive, Enjoy the current state of the game, however this is how i feel, i enjoyed WoD more than DF, i have no reason to login and logging in to apply to 25´s for 8 hours without an invite is not my idea of a subscription well used, i want my money back.

Play DF like WoD and sit around a house doing nothing, and u wil get the same experience.

Thats not a hunter specific issue. And its always been a issue for someone, regardless of now WoD or even Legion, there was someone who felt the same as u do about hunter now about their class then.

The games never been balanced. The games always benched certain classes. Just because u didnt feel the effects of that during WoD. Doesnt make it less of a issue.

You have no idea what i did during WoD and what my experience was.

Applying for groups in relevent RIO for relevent difficulty 8 hour wait with no invite IS NOT okay. and you being okay with that is the bottom line here.

You Janun i do not wish to “converse” with anymore so this will be my last reply to your trolls, Please try to refrain from putting more words in my mouth or suggesting how i spend my free time.

This game is complete shiet, and keeps getting worse. and blizzards BAD math in class tunings is pathetic to put it blunt.

You’re not going to find many positively fuelled players to interact with on the class forums. Believe me, I tried.

Most of those that bothered seem to have either moved on or just enjoy playing the class for what it is an managing.

That said, there are nice gems here and there. Nice to partake in before the gloom and doom suddenly crushes their spirit of optimism to the fullest.

Why on earth would people take you to a 25? Have you timed all 24’s? Or even 23’s?

Wonder if this imbecile wants a reply to his personal attacks, hes pathetic haha. not getting one.

WoW is unplayable, NOBODY in my guild is enjoying the game right now. not even the shadow priests, imagine that.

Maybe blizzard shud try taking elementary math classes for their class tunings & give me 9 months worth of subscription & prefferably the entire expansion pack REFUNDED


Because ur m+ problems are comparable to a expansion where m+ didnt exist, oh please WoD had no content. We know what wveryone did at that time.

Isnt a personal attack, merely asked u a question. U hide urself behind a level 10 character, no one knows ur “relevant RIO”. At those sorts of levels anything less then 3k-3.3k wouldnt be considered.

Rather easy to fabricate such a thing. Easy to claim “well my people dont like it”, the concept shadow priests are unhappy being meta is kinda weird stance though

More likely you have 0 response to the situation lol.

To beleive the game was balanced in WoD is either lack of knowledge, or simply dishonest, theres never been a expansion that was balanced. Never.

Its physically not possible without homogenization to balance all classes at the bleeding edge of content.

And pretending prior expansions werent the same is a outright lie, u think ur average DHs and ret paladins were happy back in SL S3/S4 where destro warlock / surv hunters were the overwhelming choices for high keys?.

What avout shadow priests and ret paladins during legion / BFA?.

If ur entire centre point regarding opinons on quality of expansion / balance is solely based on if ur main chars meta or not, its a dishonest opinon at best, and a ignorant one at worst.

Your topics have existed in a class thread somewhere. Since the birth of this game, a “i quit cuz my class aint meta” post has existed on atleast 2 class forums in every season to exist so far too.

I know this aint worth reading, Continue Enjoying the game.

How about blizzard maybe pay someone to actually come on forums and apologies to paying hunter customers on their behalve, its not their fault numbers are hard.

Just like they apologised to priests in BFA?

Or ret paladins in legion?

Or mages in season 1?

Lol oh please :joy::joy:

Call me an optimist im one of those people who belives a company gets better or dies. and blizzard deserves a steep perma stock plunge like my enjoyment & dreams of blizzard learning math