Hunters traps

why no 1 dr root traps? so disgusting if u are rogue, just stay 10 sec and we cant do anything…

It’s rough, you can still vanish or killing spree if outlaw to freedom yourself.

Well, I also find it annoying that rogues have double evasion (assa), double (and even tripple if NE) Vanish, CDless undispellable stuns, countless teleports to targets (sub), disarms, duel, and broken damage. Wanna take a look at that as well?


vanish if i stay trap ?:smiley: that no good idea i think.

Doesn’t vanish break roots?

Also if you play sub at the moment and struggle with hunters, it might not be the spec for you mate.


double evasion? double vanish just if u are sub. i cant step, if i stay trap anyway, or idk what do you mean “teleport”. and yeah, sub broken now, but assa not rly

:slight_smile: Thats why I often follow up with a flare on the root trap, for extra fun. Sadly cucking a rogue out of vanishes becomes harder and harder, since now they can even remove bleeds I put on them, alongside with huntersmark.

Rogues have way too many outs, which I wouldnt even mind if they didn’t have absurd damage. Just choose one of the two.

Vanish free you from root/slows and you are immune to anything for 2 sec after.

You can chose to do it or not it depend on the situation.

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Rogues are like experts to immobilize their opponents, now when you got a taste of your own medicine you complain?

all our root traps dr.

Oh, doesn’t the rogue like to sit in cc? Sorry to hear that.

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Rogue crying about CC LOL


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Entrapment root from tar trap doesn’t mate, it has a DR category of it’s own. But it is dispellable as it counts as magic for some reason.

pick the Spring talent and shush it

yea really annoying to sit in cc, isn’t it Mr. triple cheap shot dead

just shows how clueless u are man

It DRs with earthen grab 100%, so does steel trap.

It DRs with earthen grab 100%, so does steel trap

I play assa main, so i havent triple cheap :smiley:

You are actually right just tested it, must have been changed in 10.1