Hydraxian and Zandalari


Hello there! I was surprised to see two realms that are purposed to support RP on the classic and that just got me all sort of ideas of how the RP would be in the setting of the old Azeroth.

But now given that there are two main RP realms (even though one is PVP too). I am thinking of to join one realm, but I am clearly not sure what should I choose? What community, from an objective POV, should I choose to start my RP in Classic? Also how are the Alliance/Horde sides on these two realms? Would appreciate your input :smiley:


Really… it’s too early to tell. Most people are still preoccupied with leveling, and while there is some RP here (as I understand it mostly tavern RP), it isn’t very organized, yet.

Give it a few weeks.

Going by the discord the ambitions seem to be high here, though. No idea if Zandalar has something similar.


Yes, give it time. But if you look closely, you already see the seeds of RP growing here on Hydra :wink:
At my first days on this server, I was also a bit disappointed because of the lack of roleplay, but it became more and more clear that we currently sit in a theater with the curtains still closed and lots of rustling is going on on the stage behind it. :wink:


I have chars on both realms, but only played on the Hydra yet. So far, most people on nightelf side, were very supportive and friendly. I did not meet that many guilds yet, only the “killing fun” people, who invited me into their group and were very nice all the time. Sadly I did not have more time to spend with them :frowning:

What I noticed mostly is the trading on the road, sometimes people just pass by and leave you some potions or a buff here and there. Our LFG is a bit out of sync, some people like to turn it into a general chat, others try to work against that, but so far it seems to be a relatively okish “behaivour”.

I am super casual and enjoy the social aspect more than personal “success”, so for me the server is quite fitting to my own way of enjoying an MMO.


Yep! Very much so. :smile:

On the OP’s topic of choosing servers; I’m sticking with the Waterlords.
Mostly because I can see world PvP becoming a huuuge pain in the butt when organizing RP events, especially those in contested territory.

Imagine trying to run a guild out of Southshore or Tarren Mill, on a PvP server :open_mouth:


Historically, RP-PvP servers attract more PvPers than RPers, because the core RP audience that would go specifically to that server but not to a normal RP server is a niche within the niche of roleplayers. Also open PvP is not particularly conducive to a lot of events out in the world unless you’re ready to get ganked.

Honestly, if you want RP, join Hydraxian Waterlords.


Yeah, most rpers probably aren’t the extra competitive type, if they care about pvp at all. Then, pvp in MMOs mostly means ruthless ganking all day and a terror rule of big griefer guilds, who’d want that if they weren’t part of that. And yes, I feel sorry for the poor fellow rpers on Zandalar Tribe who’ll have their non-instanced rp events handed back to them by all the trolls.


At first I did feel like I’d made a mistake rolling Hydra instead of Zandalar Tribe, because of ZT having a larger population and a more equal Horde/Alliance split, but after going through ZT’s forums it does seem like their community is more PvP focused than RP focused, not having too many concepts/RP guilds planted. Obviously it’s still early days so it’s hard to tell which will develop more strongly, but judging from what we know now, Hydraxian seems to be the safer option, even with its smaller population. As far as I know, the majority of former AD/Sha’tar/Darkmoon Faire RPers settled in Hydraxian, and we are also the only server so far to have a dedicated website in development.


Indeed. Plus I feel like we’re already starting to develop a lovely sense of community on our server.
Stay Hydrated! :potable_water:


Right now, Hydraxian Waterlords is at a ratio of around 70/30 Alliance, and Zandalar Tribe is at around 55/45 Alliance. So, if population matters to you, ZT is your best bet, atm.

On the other hand, on ZT you have to think about the PvP aspect, and ganking, and specifically: Can you deal with it? If not go for the other, the populations are bound to fluctuate, so however way you look at it, it’s gonna be hit or miss.

Therefore, I’d choose the one I’d be most comfortable on, which is why I rolled on HW, but you’ll just have to make up your own damn mind, because we’re as in the dark about the future as you are, unfortunately.


The advice given here is quite good. Buuuut I sorta suspect that the decision has already been made, considering the original post is from 13 days ago. Would surprise me if OP didn’t choose a server in that time.


Still can maybe help other people that aren’t sure yet and are looking in here!


Fair. Always nice to have a thread to point towards when questions get asked, too.


Currently I just started a character on Zandalar, only because of the more PVP activities and the opportunities that could come. But i’m yet a low level, I will have to see how it goes in the long run. I am not having a problem of starting sometime a fresh character on Hydra too. Or even roll two in the same time :smiley:

To add: I was also looking for some PVP action here and world PVP because I would like to progress in that in the future when the honor system will come. But I do wonder if there are plans on Hydra about organized PVP events? Of course not like on Zandalar…

PS2: I made a character on Hydra, but I’d still like some input from people :smiley:


…sometimes literally. :wink: