I’m a really agree Sylvanas Localist. What was the point

I’m really agree Blizzard… I pre-purchased the collectors epic edition of Shadowlands and now I really don’t want to play it now because I whole heartedly follow Sylvanas and I felt good when she killed Saurfang and kicked Bolvar’s butt. I’ve just found out that being the choice of being a Sylvanas Loyalist means absolutely nothing in Shadowlands as you’re still helping the Horde Save Thrall and help the Horde. I don’t want to be the Horde’s b i t c h. Being a Sylvanas Loyalist means we don’t agree with the Horde at all so why the hell would we help them? I want to follow Sylvanas all the way plus I assumed we’d get a “Sylvanas Faction” in Shadowlands. Is it actually worth playing Shadowlands if we are just doing the do the Horde’s bidding?

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What exactly is so wrong with the Horde?

Can I have some gold?

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Thrall, Baine and that lot are friends with Andruin and that blonde babe, so the rest of the Horde are just following suit. AND WHATS WORSE shares no Warchief. So the Horde have finally turned soft and gay and they basically bent over and got in bed with the Alliance.

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I fully agree that the misshandling of our Banshee Queen makes the horde seem like a bunch of sissy pushovers, a far cry from their more menacing outlook of yore.

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