I actually like this server

To anyone saying this server is dead: nope. We transfered here 3 days ago from a 50k server. We actually managed to complete quests, farm mats, meet some new people who are alrdy on my friend list, did some fair pvp not that stupid 1v10 you call ‘wpvp’, cleared 4 instances, party forming never took more than 15 minutes, and actually sold so far everything on the so called ‘dead AH’.
On the first night, I had this paranoia that I have made a horrible decision, but it all dispersed within only 2 days. I don’t even miss my former high pop server at all, and it is a blessing to finally be able to get rid of that place.
I don’t miss the farming spots where there are more players than mobs, I don’t need 200 raiding guilds doing Aq40, and don’t even get me started with layering, because they might as well just have opened up 10x more servers.
If you don’t want to transfer here, because you think the server is dead, or you are complaining in every single topic about the state of the server: that’s fine. Us, the other 8k players are perfectly fine without your doomsaying.
But if you truly wish to experience the game as it was, without that horrible mess of overcrowded layering slaughterhouse fest, we welcome you here on Dragonfang.


Server needs time to grow unlike high pop servers majority of players in mid 30 range so people need to rethink their expectations of this server. Spend the time farming materials or speaking to other crafters if you require items made. Server will only improve if community wants it to work.


Hey Aurri having fun raiding yet… HAHAHAqwdqdqdsacxq

I actually do, but nice try.

Welcome to the server bud, see you on the battlefield. :wink:

Ignore the doomsayers, no regrets here either.


We would all love to see your face, please show


It’s dead tho

Bye then friend

Personally I think ‘dead’ is one of the most overused words when it comes to talking about realms or servers for any MMORPG. Its potentially misleading and a word that means different things to different people and it nullifies the entire situation into one word that doesnt paint the entire picture.

Dragonfang is easily the lowest population realm on the EU side, that is a fact at this point. However, its not strictly dead. It has players on it and its possible to find pug groups and it has an economy and small mostly friendly community. Of course, its slower to find pugs and the economy is smaller, but it exists. At the same time, its just as misleading to say its all fine and dandy. Just like a larger server, a smaller population has its own unique pros and cons. Whether you prefer a larger or smaller servers pros is up to you.

There is only one way Dragonfang is going to gain more people. Making threads telling everyone how dead it is will only exacerbate the problem. On the same side telling people its all 100% fine is just as misleading and damaging.

Its a small server that from what ive noticed on Horde side is slowly growing. Orgrimmar especially is busier than it was a few weeks back. However, if you transfer expecting a constant flowing general chat and to be able to find pugs in seconds you will be disappointed. Its a smaller more niche server with a few high end guilds. Some people prefer this more close knit style, if you do. I recommend transferring.

tl;dr - Dead isnt strictly true. Dragonfang is small but has a community. Some people prefer that. Saying its large is just as misleading as saying it is dead.


You will begin to notice the same people saying how horrible the server is but they still choose to spend countless hours. Welcome!


Not just the same people, but the same people changing their characters on the forums to make it seem like multiple people hate the server, how sad

Our guild just killed Raggy this weekend, I am managing to sell flasks and other alchemist goodies, even had some PvP iz Azshara at 10am today fighting allies over herbs. Server is certainly not dead, even if it may seem so compared to the (insanely) big ones.

If the population rises a bit more (which I expect will happen), I’ll be happy moving here on day 1 of the transfers :slight_smile:


push and some advertising for the server and my own channel at the same time

a community event that started thanks to makers from discord.

keep up the go(o)d work :stuck_out_tongue:


you’ve that on every realm, just 10x bigger lol

Awesome! I’m glad you found a new home Aurii! :european_castle:


Please stop necroing :wink:

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I agree. This server is very low pop, but definitely not dead, there are always players here and there, and raiding is a matter of joining a guild. The only real discomfort for me is that selling things at AH is much slower.

How is the situation now?

How is it on the Horde side?

Hello, im searching for new home. I want to play as a rogue, but since it so late in game, I need to hurry up to lvl, is there anyone who offers free boosts on the server? :slight_smile:

Completely and utterly dead. Always was, always will be. Denial is a funny thing.

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