I ahve camed for the realm forums


It appears I’m no longer permanently banned from the forums. This is grate news for the server. Thank, blizard.

After observating the realm for two whole days now, it has camed to my attentions most horde are from these countries: china, russia, north korea and turkey. If you use a liner and draw a line connecting each of their capitals, you get a straight line, some might call it an axis.

Just pointing this out, as an observation. Any further assumptions are from yourselves. Alliance is from well reputed countries like Finland.

So, anyways, have fun and looking for mutual respects.


I can’t help but feel you got rekt in pvp and this is some kind of weird diss at the Horde but ran through google translator.


Just another edgelord pay no mind


At least you tried. Next time…make it more believable


It appears you, to, are a lesser.