I am beyond words

Ye dude i see such enforcing in game for sure.
As far i know rules are same for both so why they enforce them here and not in game ?

You know wrong.

There is no mandate to speak English in-game, but there is one for the forums.


Where ?

It does not say this is english forum.
There is Portuguese one.

Are you for real?

How about all the realms being referenced being English, how about the URL bar saying en.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/…

How about the fact that the site is in English and the boards for other languages are in their language, except for Portuguese of course which has been horribly mistreated.


Yes i am and i am reading Forum Code of Conduct - Blizzard Support (battle.net) .
There is not such thing i have to use english .

Do you see anywhere where it states i have to use X language


Post in English, and English only

Moderators need to be able to read everything you write to make sure it’s not unsuitable for the forums. If we can’t, we have to assume the worst and consider the post a breach of the forum guidelines. Posts not in English are subject to deletion.
Note: an extra version in English is not good enough, as a moderator can’t verify that the non-English text is the same as the English one.

Its there in the Welcome Please Read post stickied at the top of the forums


It is not in rules .
And what you linked is like 4 years old.
Current rules > random post on forums which is outdated.

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You’re wrong, stop embarrassing yourself. It’s literally written in the guidelines.

Go post in the balkanic forums lmao


Why are you bothering? The rules are clear, the poster is just being obtuse.

I refer to current rules here : Forum Code of Conduct - Blizzard Support (battle.net) 1 month old current year.

You posting something what is just post and not in rules and is 4 years old is below it.

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I know I should know better by now when it comes to them.

Just ignore him/her, thread will soon die.

They are kids sadly.

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It’s not a random post it’s a sticky made by a blue.

And if you want to refer to the code of conduct at least know what it has to say:

Note that the following guidelines are not exhaustive, and may not address all manner of offensive behavior.

Meaning said example not being covered by the CoC doesn’t mean it’s ok.

you agree to coc and such rules not random posts.

As I’ve said a blue sticky post is anything but what might be described as:

Also if you actually bothered reading it:


technically if they did then they would be listed there.

I’ve already said the CoC itself mentions it’s non exhaustive (that means that it doesn’t cover every possible scenario).

So either your reading comprehension is bad or you just bunkered in your own corner disregarding any argument against you and are unwilling to listen to reason.

Just leave the thread die, it’s not going to get resolved anyway, as for the thread, the solution was given.

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And how many here do you think understand Czech/Slovak? A minority of a minority.

This forum is made to be used in English, meaning the mods are using English to moderate it. If you really want to talk about the rules, then you using any language other than English means you could be bypassing language filters, because surprise, this forum is built for the English language. By bypassing language filters, I mean using another language that the filters aren’t built for, so exactly like yesterday when you insulted me in Slovak with words that the filter wouldn’t let you use in English. So by doing that, you’ve literally violated the CoC that you keep so proudly talking about… :slight_smile: