I am free!


Gravity got no hold on me.

Today, when we celebrate 50 years since the first human Moon landing, I got Battle for Azeroth - Pathfinder Part 2.

The game looks almost bearable from up here :slight_smile: It took me less than a month, by just doing dailies and emissaries. Totally skipped Nazjatar bounties and elites.

I do hope Blizzard would reconsider their policy on flying in the future. Either don’t implement flying at all, or stop releasing it a whole year after the release of an expansion. It just kills the joy. I prefer not to have flying, rather than unlock flying and then wonder what to do.

Because … yes, that’s the question - what now? I have no further goals in this game. Maybe I’ll quickly do the LFR wings, but that’s that.

Or maybe I’ll take a break until the end of August, when Classic comes.

(Henoriel) #2

Really ? :smiley:


For sure :slight_smile:

(Nimrhys) #4

Congrats but no, I’d always rather have flying unless it was “go raid to unlock” in which case I’d probably quit tbh. In fact I would be happier if they just had pathfinder 1. Done.


Ever tried World PvP ? Can be a lot of fun.

(Alexima) #6

Based on what you’re saying, the one and only purpose you had was flying.

A person who wants to play this game, goes for flying to make things easier. Not to make it as their goal and do that alone and then be out of things to do.

Either find something you like in this game, or just unsub and don’t waste money anymore.

As for your entire comment, we do have one thing that we agree upon. I too believe flying should be implemented sooner. Not in 8.2 which happens a year after the release of expansion. We now can fly in zuldazar and kul tiras, and basically have ZERO use for it, since we don’t need anything there anymore other than a daily emissary.

(Darklight) #7

You unlock flying by doing what flying would make easier, which makes it all the more funny.

(Iggwilv) #8

That’s so deep and circular - it’s like trying to work out the meaning of life

(Nimrhys) #9

It can be cruel.

(Unruly) #10

Because there’s so much to do in Classic L O L.

(Yinghei) #11

I swear when I unlocked flying I could hear a faint cheer from all my alts languishing at 110!


Although we can surely agree on what you said, I think you are missing the main point.

Yes, I had the goal to obtain flying. But this apparently was the intention of Blizzard - to turn flying into a goal. Of course, we can argue that riding skills were always a goal, for example, you always needed to have a certain amount of gold. But Blizzard went one step further. Not only they set the bar very high in terms of time you need to invest, meeting that goal coincides with the goals of casual players who are not interested in raiding/dungeoing, and are just here for the fun or play to see the story.

That’s because the meta-achievements pt. 1 and pt 2. cover all aspects such players are interested in : 1. Storyline development 2. Zone exploration 3. Faction reputation. Do the story quests, explore everything available on new continents, and make friends on these continents - this is everything you need to fly.

And once you get flying, you’re basically done with the content. If you need to advance from this point further, you need to embrace raiding/dungeoning/PVPing.

Well, at least I still have the RP option…

(Vintoleth) #13

i’ve said this many times before. the game looks so lovely from above. the art work teams work can be appreciated even more. instead, we grow to resent the surroundings cause we always find ourselves on the wrong side of the mountain or cliff from where the path up is. like you said, there is no reason this should be getting released a year in.

if the 2K i made on mechagon today is any indicator, i will be flying by tuesday. if i bother to play tomorrow and monday. the heart has been drawn out of me in BfA. even when i am subbed, i often dont feel the heart to do anything or log on. even right now, i sorta want to play, but its pointless cause i cant do any more mechagon rep till tomorrow :\

same. i have about 20 toons on 111 that i could be playing, but i would rather log off than play them cause its so painful :frowning:


To me Wrath of the Lich King represents the best model. The first zones are grounded, but after level 77, you get flying and head straight to Icecrown and Storm Peaks - zones that are specifically designed to fly.

(Vintoleth) #15

exactly. TBC was sorta the same. thought it was smaller areas rather than whole zones that basically needed flying. but yeah. same thing. ground based at the start. once you get to level cap, flying opens up.


On the other side of the forum…Pro’s claim there should be no flying at all.

Guess that blizzard will never understand what we players truly want to be satisfied because we act always like spoiled teenagers :stuck_out_tongue:

(Aldö) #17

Flying is implemented in a way in where we can access vertical traveling -after- we explored the world.

I mean, yes, it’s clear that flying would have made that exploration (too much) easier, but that’s not the goal of it.

If there is ever a WoW 2, I’m 100% they would not place flying in there.

Never ever.

(Odeone) #18

True, by the time flying was released Iv already leveled all of my alts and gotten bored of the expansion.


There’s one thing I don’t understand about flying. It’s why Blizzard are so happy with the current policy that they’ve implemented it in three subsequent.

Nobody seems to be happy. For some it is too grindy and slow. For some it’s too late. For some when you get it, there’s nothing else to do.

Yet Blizzard keeps on making things work this way.


thats not true

managers in blizz are happy because their MAUs are growing :wink:

who cares about players.