I am getting Error #132 multiple times a day. HELP

Ever since the launch of tbc my game has been crashing multiple times a day. Im talking 20-30 times a day. The game is unplayable for me. I have tried formatting my pc, installing fresh wow with no addons, changing direct x 12 to 11. Nothing works it keeps crashing. Sometimes the game plays well for few hours then all of a sudden 4 crashes in a row. I dunno what to do but im thinking about quitting wow cause it ruins the game for me. Anyone who can help me out???

Hi there Prophazyx!

So if you are running into Error 132 a lot, it can have a number of different sources, but first things you should do are listed here:



I have tried it all it keeps giving me the error , sometimes i can play for 3 hours straight with no error and then all of a sudden i get this error 10 times in a row

To anyone out there also still having this issue. I may have fixed this for myself, haven’t seen a crash in 2 days where normally it happened at least once an hour. I simply moved my installation from an old HDD drive to a SSD. Maybe this’ll work for any of you too.

I dunno what to do, i have tried everything now and nothing seems to work. sometimes i wont get an error for a while and then it starts again. i guess i just quit wow for now untill i can buy a new pc

i tryed all these options and still got the issues

Add me “Nelwyn” @ Pyrewood, im a PC Technician and I can try help you if you really need the help. or Ishy HASHTAG 2595 on battlenet.


just loaded retail and im still getting these issues

Anyone found any solutions?

Dude, stop necroing old posts. Make your own thread.

If you’re having an issue Suppressor you’d be best to make your own post about your 132 error. Also if you have any error codes from the crashes we can look up your reports to us.