I am literally the worst player at this game

would i be able to push as ret xD

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If you couldnt as DH, then no probably not.


i didnt play it when it was really broken :frowning:

Ok let me rephrase - if you currently cant as DH, then no probably not.


2 games so far one 5/6 other 6/6

to be fair i got 1800 in like 6 hours on ret haha honestly think i could have gone higher the 45 min queues were too much though

According to paladins on these forums ret is one of highest skill cap specs in the game right now and requires alot of finesse, awerness and overall skill to play properly. Also nerf warrior.

According to anyone not involved working half time in circus and half time on wow eu forums yes you will be able to push atleast 2.4k with ret pala until nerf come in

i literally had no idea what i was doing havnt played ret since tbc its disgusting how broken it is

this is the evidence too

Again, according to these forums ret paladins require only slight nerf on damage - maybe 2 sec shorter wings.

On the other hand the spec truely broken beyond competition is arms and it does require hotfix nerf thats why it was hotfix nerfed couple days ago and ret paladins didnt see any update since rework.

ret is super messed up theirs no counter to it thats why most lobbies they got 5/6 or 6/6


No more words needed

Makes me think of that wowitshard (I think?) clip of TSG vs RMP. Funny.

I’ve never thought I’d say it. I miss RMP

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