I Am Undead And I Need Help

i used to play draenei DK before but it never worked out because i was suicidal and depressed , Draenei is light force energy and DK is shadow conflicting energy battle between light and shadows create chaos within you.

Unfortunately death knights aren’t well suited to social RP. They have a long and grim history, and their very nature puts them at odds with most regular characters. I can’t think of an immediate good place for an Alliance death knight, and am somewhat inclined to echo the sentiment of trying to RP as a different, more societally accepted class.

Saddens me to hear this.

I hoped Duskwood would be fun but no. Everyone tries to kill me.

My poor Corpselord…

Have you tried Horde RP? Undead are the norm there, and overall far more accepted! The Kosh’harg festival’s closing ceremony is this evening (I think), so you might just catch some RP if you go today!


Have you tried mercenary work? It might suit you.



This is your best bet. Draenei DK is really an aweful combination.

Heard their reforming the Dawnguard, at that old fort near Riften. Might join up myself.


Ditch the Saronite armor with spikes and skulls, leave your darkness radiating unholly runeblade at home and wear casual clothing… or robes, hoodies
Take a bath
Two, just to be sure
If necessary visit a taxidermist, who could “fix” any problems you have with your Draenei body
Having an undertaker or beter yet, a mortician friend (or a priest of some relegion with such funerary rites) who… err… perform maintenance when needed is also a good idea (also, could help when you have sudden urges to eat braiiiins, but that is more liek a Forsaken thing, or if you are a vampiric Blood Death Knight, could get you a few “canned blood”)
So with a well preserved, washed, ready for any open coffin ceremony-good body in good clothes (and maybe some cologne and perfume) [or if you are shy, with hoods, glasses, scarf in front of your mouth, large hats, capes, cloumbo-like balloon jacket, gloves, minimal skin exposure) only your deep echoing voice and eyes could betray you (glasses, wear glasses, dark glasses, shades even and tone down your voice)
Keep your unholly urges in check, meditation, mental traning (a good little story, a monk took pity on you and helped to find your inner peace… or tought you at least how to keep your monstorus self in a short leash) and for a brief hour or two you could mingle with the living, with a little risk, someone say or do something that triggers you and you would have to excuse yourself before eviscerate, mutilate or vivsect the poor soul


I am new to RP, and I don’t get what is wrong with the Undead and the Draenei DK combination? Like we are meant to create our own stories and have fun, so why must everyone be hunters and librarians? I am addressing this to the people like that night elf above. Imo, the Undead in general are very fun to RP as, because you have a long and interesting story. And it doesn’t matter what race you are when experience smth that DKs have. It’d be a traumatizing experience for everyone.
Btw, I am also looking for an Undead/Forsaken/Sylvanas’ Loyalists guild. (I will get my undead look after I finish SL, I’ve just come back to WoW after 3 years) :3

Nothing wrong with death knights, or the death knight/draenei combination for that matter.

Where is it you go, and what kind of RP is it you want to do?

If your choice of RP is the local tavern, or Cathedral square, or any other social hotspots, then perhaps a hulking death knight in black, spiky and menacing armour isn’t going to get you the response you’re after. Same goes for Duskwood, depending on what you do there. If you’re hanging out in the tavern, people are going to raise their eyebrows at you, and if you’re looming around in the dark woods, you’ll probably be viewed as a threat.

Consider what a death knight is. They’re undead champions, either created or repurposed to wage war on apocalyptic forces. If you really want to RP one of those, consider joining a RP scene where your character can be valued for their might and skillset.

If you prefer social settings, I’d strongly consider another class.


The draenei death knight combination is very shaky in lore, given that they are light zealots having your cousin walk in with a rotten face and worse smell would be abhorrent to them.

DK lore is also they’re fairly focused on combat, there’s some parts that (i dont know if they were retconned) established DKs having to inflict pain to survive - they’re all around pretty edgy overall and an odd sight to see in your local tavern enjoying an ale.

The reaction of ordinary people to a hulking undead monstrosity isn’t going to be favourable, not in the least due to the myriad of atrocities they’ve witnessed at the hands of the Scourge et al.

Rotgarde are forsaken loyalists, though I don’t think they accept undead elves other than as dark rangers.

Thanks for the reply!

Again, I’m a newbie, what is wrong with Undead Elves? Why do they have to necessarily be Dark Rangers (hunters)? Can’t a caster elf be resurrected as an undead? I just don’t get it. And it’s not like there are no undead sorcerers in the game.


Death Knights are, always and forever, going to have a rough time in social RP settings. Violent tendencies, stunted emotions, dark history and the reaction that they get from the living all make for a very different experience to what any other class gets.

That being said, social RP on them isn’t impossible. It’s very difficult, and you’re required to go in with the expectation that you are a hated, horrid monster because that’s just the truth, but it is possible.
Most DKs in a social setting though, much like DHs who are much in the same boat, get a bad reputation as those that play them typically aren’t careful at all. They’re either trying too hard to be edgy or not trying at all to portray the class they’ve chosen… Which often discourages other people from interacting.

If you’re just looking for casual, social RP with no issues, I’d really recommend a change to something more down-to-earth. Otherwise, all I can say is to roll with the punches, especially on Alliance.

Draenei Deathknights are not wrong per se, but the combination is even harder to play than deathknights of most other races.

Elven DK are not wrong either, but the Forsaken are not the Ebon Blade and the Forsaken Loyalists were enemies of the Ebon Blade, so you cant be both.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong necessarily - I’m not in the guild currently so I don’t know what the recruitment limitations are, I know historically Rotgarde has tried to remain forsaken/undead so undead elf spots tend to be limited. You’d be better speaking to the GM or officer of the guild to get a better idea.

I didn’t mean Elven DKs, I mean Undead Elves (pale skin, red eyes).

Dark Rangers are allowed, but atm we’re satisfied with the number we have of those

You can RP being an undead elf, just use the undead model

Once again, I am just curious. Why is having more people in the guild bad? Isn’t it the more the merrier?

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i like the undead model more for the aesthetic

And I thought that the Undead shouldn’t be the one to discriminate against others, considering how hated and prejudiced against they are already, ha